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Accreditation : Standard Team

Standard Team

Accreditation Standard Recommended Co-Chairs

Accreditation Steering Committee Co-Chairs: Michael Allen and Kelly Enos


Standard I:  Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity

  • Standard IA - Mission
    • Co-chairs:  Madelline Hernandez and Leslie Milke
    • Team members:  Mary Lou Mendoza, Patricia Rodriguez, Janice Silver, Christopher William
  • Standard IB - Assuring Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness
    • Co-chairs:  Sarah Master and D'Art Phares
    • Team members:  Patricia Chow, Patricia Flood, Leslie Milke, Par Mohammadian, Deborah Paulsen
  • Standard IC - Institutional Integrity
    • Co-chairs:  Michael Allen and Louise Barbato
    • Team members:  Vilma Bernal, Trina Drueco, Tom Folland, Rita Grigoryan, Andzhela Keshishyan 

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Support Services

  • Standard IIA- Instructional Programs
    • Co-Chairs:  Isabelle Saber and Richard Rains
    • Team members:  Veronica Allen, Patricia Flood, Mark Hobbs, Darlene Montes
  • Standard IIB - Library and Learning Support Services
    • Co-chairs:  Darlene Montes and Donna Ayers
    • Team members:  David Garza, Sheila MacDowell, Marie Zaiens
  • Standard IIC - Student Support Services
    • Co-chairs Ludi Villegas-Vidal and Diana Bonilla 
    • Team members:  Ivet Bazikyan, Patricia Huffman, Larry Resendez, Steve Ruys, Oliva Sanchez Ayala, Dennis Schroeder, Rosalie Torres              

Standard III: Resources

  • Standard IIIA - Human Resources
    • Co-chairs:  Ronn Gluck and Angela Echeverri
    • Team members:  Patricia Flood, Darlene Montes, Daniel Villanueva, Tara Ward
  • Standard IIIB - Physical Resources
    • Co-chairs:  Wally Bortman and Zoila Rodriguez-Doucette
    • Team members:  Darlene Montes, Jesse Sanchez,  Daniel Villanueva, Tara Ward
  • Standard IIIC - Technology Resources
    • Co-chairs:  Rod Austria and Ryan Yamada
    • Team members:  Cathy Brinkman, Faith Colt, Patricia Flood, David Jordan, Frances Nguyen, Erik Rettke, Daniel Villanueva
  • Standard IIID - Financial Resources
    • Co-chairs:  Daniel Villanueva and Tobin Sparfeld  
    • Team members:  Patricia Huffman, Patricia Flood, Darlene Montes, Tara Ward


Standard IV: Leadership and Governance

  • Standard IVA - Decision-Making Roles and Processes
  • Standard IVB - Chief Executive Officer
  • Standard IVC - Governing Board
  • Standard IVD - Multi-College Districts or Systems
    • Co-chairs:  Monte Perez and David Garza
    • Team members:  Mary Lou Mendoza, Zoila Rodriguez-Doucette, Oliva Sanchez Ayala