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Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice Program prepares students for entry-level positions such as: Law Enforcement, the courts and corrections.

During the program, students will be exposed to law enforcement strategies, criminological theory, forensic science, criminal investigation techniques, probation and parole. Students will also have the opportunity to study in our crime lab where they will process mock crime scenes and analyze physical evidence.

Our mission in the Administration of Justice program is to prepare students for a career in the criminal justice system. To fulfill this mission, we have designed academic programs to prepare students to complete an A.S. degree or Occupational Certificate in the areas of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Forensic Science, Security Administration and Security Management Specialist.


In carrying out our mission, our goals are: 

• To develop academic competencies

• To develop performance skills

• To develop ethical values

• To partner with local schools, businesses, government and social service agencies to promote and deliver quality education to our students

Our vision for the future in carrying out our mission is:

• To be the first choice of community college applicants who seek a rewarding learning experience in a technologically rich environment

• To be the leader in improving education and vocational training in our region• To receive local and national recognition for our distinctive achievements in teaching, training and service to our students


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