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Ready to Graduate?

Prepare Your Graduation Petition
  1. Make an appointment with the Counseling Office to create a graduation petition. Your counselor will submit the petition to the Graduation Office on your behalf. 
    • We are not processing petitions submitted through your MyCollege Portal at this time. If you submitted a petition via the online portal you must also make an appointment with a counselor
  2. Ensure that all transcripts for any coursework taken outside of the LACCD, AP scores, CLEP exams, or other records of external college credits are on file with the Admissions & Records Office. 

Petition Review Process

Once the Graduation Office receives your petition, it will be assigned to an Evaluator. Please note that the review process does not begin until final grades are available (two weeks after the term ends). 

Please allow 8-10 weeks from the time final grades are available for the Graduation Office to complete its review. Petitions are processed as quickly as possible, however, missing records can create delays. Please ensure that official transcripts from all non-LACCD colleges and official records of any exam credits have been submitted to the Admissions & Records Office. 

Once the review process is complete, certificates and degrees will be posted on your transcript and you will be notified via your LACCD student email. At that time your transcript can serve as proof that you have been awarded your certificate(s) and/or degree(s). Physical diplomas are typically available at the mid point of the next semester, e.g. if you submit a graduation petition in spring, your diploma will be available by the middle of the following fall semester. You will be notified via your LACCD student email when diplomas are available for pickup or mailing. 

Deadlines & Updates

Petition Submission Deadlines (Fall 2021)
CSU Transfers for Spring 2022: 10/25/2021
All Other Fall Graduation Candidates: 11/1/2021

Fall 2020 Petition Status:
Certificates/Degrees Posted
Diplomas Available for Pickup or Mailing 

Winter 2021 Petition Status:
Certificates/Degrees Posted
Diplomas Available for Pickup or Mailing 

Spring 2021 Petition Status:
Certificates/Degrees Posted

Diplomas Available: Beginning 11/1/2021

Summer 2021 Petition Status:
Under Review

Fall 2021 Petition Status:
Accepting Petitions

Questions? Contact the Graduation Office:

Contact Us

Student Services Wing (Instructional Building)

818-833-3322 (General)

818-364-7773 (Metropolitan College)

818-833-3322 (Online Applications)


ADVISORY: Processing time is 72 hours. (Excluding Holidays and Weekends)


Fall 2021 

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