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Associated Student Organization

Spring 2019
ASO Meeting
Fridays at 8:30 AM
ASO Conference Room #2- Former Math Lab


ASO President: Beatriz Espinoza​ 

Hello students and community,

I am Beatriz Espinoza, I am pleased to be the student representative of Los Angeles Mission College as the ASO President. I am a Sociology Major and getting a minor in Criminal Justice. I plan to go to Law School in the future. I also, plan to transfer to either UCLA or CSULA next Fall. I am very active on campus leading ASO as well as MEChA. I am a full time student as well as an AFT 1521 fellow intern. With my participation in various programs I have gained lots of knowledge about the issues that affect us as students across the district but most importantly I am constantly striving to improve the resources that we need at our beloved campus for our success. I will always support the Dream Act and the LGBTQ community. I believe that mental health is very important so if anyone ever needs someone to talk to I will make myself available to you. If anyone has any student concerns or advice for me feel free to contact me.


Beatriz Espinoza


ASO Vice President: Victoria Pfau

Hi Los Angeles Mission College students! 

My name is Victoria Pfau and I am so honored and excited to be serving as the Vice-President of ASO. I am a Political Science major and I have been a proud Eagle since 2017. The goals I would like to accomplish during my term are as follows: 

  1. Expand the reach and influence of L.A. Mission clubs and promote collaboration among the various clubs.   
  2. Increase student participation in clubs, events, and campus activities. 
  3. Increase the civic engagement of students and encourage them to become politically active and involved in their community and democracy. 

If any of these goals align with a passion of yours or if you are interested in becoming involved on campus either through student government or by joining or starting one of our amazing clubs, then please feel free to send me an email or stop by my office hours! I look forward to meeting you. 

All my best, 

Victoria Pfau


What is ASO?

The Associated Student Organization was established to provide students the opportunity for participation in student leadership and the development of skills in this area. The objectives of the ASO are: to advocate for the rights and needs of all LAMC students and to address any concerns and/or issues thereof; to support, raise awareness of, and promote cultural sensitivity and diversity; and to promote educational opportunities contributive to a successful college experience (student services, educational events, and other beneficial programs). The ASO votes on issues relating to Los Angeles Mission College and the student body.

When & where we meet?

During the Fall 2018 Semester, the Associated Student Organization meets every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. in the ASO Conference Room #2 (former math lab), located in the Campus Center building lower level.

Who can join?

  • Registered students of Los Angeles Mission College College who pay the $7.00 A.S.O. fee
  • Faculty and Staff Members

ASO Member Benefits

  • Free Scantrons
  • Free Printing (10 per day)
  • LAMC Folder
  • Free Pencil
  • Internet Access
  • ASO T-Shirt
  • Free ASO Events
  • Join a School Club
  • Charter a School Club
  • Eligibility To Run For Office*

Contact Us

Campus Center (lower level)

(818) 364-7600 ext 7124

Beatriz Espinoza 
ASO President | pronouns: She/her/hers
(818) 364-7764

Robert Crossley
ASO Advisor | pronouns: he/him/his
(818) 364-7820