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CalWORKS : Work-Study


What is CalWORKs work-study?


CalWORKs Work-Study Program provides CalWORKs students with on and off campus work opportunities in order to develop and/or strengthen workplace skills while completing their educational goals. Students learn how to enter and re-enter the workforce with the confidence that is needed to achieve career satisfaction and economic self-sufficiency. Work-Study is a time-limited program and allows students to earn money that will not be deducted from their cash aid grant. 


Work-Study Requirements

  1. Submit updated resume
  2. Submit a current Verification of Benefits (students must be receiving cash aid for themselves, not only child/ren.)
  3. Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher
  4. Be enrolled in at least 6 units in the Spring & Fall semesters
  5. Maintain an updated CalWORKs file. (ex. monthly attendance reports, progress reports & any other required documents are to be submitted on a regular basis.)

If interested, please contact Vanessa at (818) 364-7760 or


Current Work-Study Student Forms

Contact Us

Instructional Building Room 1007

(818) 364-7760

Angela Aghajanian
Program Director
(818) 364-7759

Sally Ibarra
Academic Counselor

Marianna Sirunian
Program Technician
(818) 833-3511

Vanessa Hernandez
Program Office Assistant
(818) 364-7760

Karmen Yaghoubi Masihi 
(818) 364-7600 ext. 7100

Brenda Hernandez
Program Assistant



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