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CalWORKs : Work-Study


Out of concern for the health of our students, staff, and faculty, the CalWORKs Office will remain closed until further notice. There are still many ways to get in contact with us! Use the virtual window located below. The window will be open during our regular office hours. You will be able to live/video chat with a LAMC CalWORKs staff member during these times. Thank you for your understanding and continue to stay safe!
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What is CalWORKs work-study?

CalWORKs Work-Study Program provides CalWORKs students with on and off campus work opportunities in order to develop and/or strengthen workplace skills while completing their educational goals. Students learn how to enter and re-enter the workforce with the confidence that is needed to achieve career satisfaction and economic self-sufficiency. Work-Study is a time-limited program and allows students to earn money that will not be deducted from their cash aid grant (income-exempt). 

Work-Study Requirements

  1. Submit updated resume to LAMC CalWORKs office 
  2. Submit a current Verification of Benefits- students must be receiving cash aid for themselves, not only child/ren (click HERE for steps on how to access your VOB​)
  3. Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher
  4. Be enrolled in at least 6 units in the Spring & Fall semesters
  5. Maintain an updated CalWORKs file. (ex. submit monthly attendance reports, progress reports & any other required documents on a regular basis.)
Click HERE for the Unclassified Employee Handbook
If interested, please contact Vanessa Hernandez
(818) 364-7760 /

Contact Us

Instructional Building Room 1007

(818) 364-7760

Angela Aghajanian
Program Director
(818) 364-7759

Sally Ibarra
Academic Counselor

Marianna Sirunian
Program Technician
(818) 833-3511

Vanessa Hernandez
Presenter / Trainer
(818) 364-7760



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