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Career & Workforce Education

Career & Workforce Education

Child Development - Special Needs

Gainful Employment Disclosures - Child Development Specializing in Special Needs

Program Description

This Certificate will support teachers and paraprofessionals working with children with special needs and/or Early Intervention Programs.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Apply professional standards of practice to the care and education of young children and families in early childhood settings with an emphasis in children with special needs.

ChDev 1 Child Growth & Development (3 Units)
ChDev 2 Early Childhood: Principles & Practices (3 Units)
ChDev 7 Introduction to Curriculum in Early (3 Units)
Childhood Education
ChDev 10 Health, Safety & Nutrition (3 Units)
ChDev 11 Child, Family & Community (3 Units)
ChDev 22 Practicum in Child Development I (4 Units)
ChDev 23 Practicum in Child Development II (4 Units)
ChDev 34 Observing & Recording Children’s Behavior (3 Units)
ChDev 42 Teaching in a Diverse Society (3 Units)
ChDev 44 Early Intervention for Children with (3 Units)
Special Needs
or ChDev 55 Home Visitation Programs
ChDev 45 Programs for Children with Special Needs (3 Units)
ChDev 172 Introduction to Careers in Child Development (1 Unit)

Total Units: 36

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