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Career & Workforce Education

Career & Workforce Education

Multimedia Studies - Animation and 3D Design

Gainful Employment Disclosures​ - Multimedia: Animation and 3D Design

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Apply the elements and principles of design with competent skill and technique with computer based media
  • Present an animation containing the elements of a fully developed narrative or experimental story
  • Plan and produce a storyboard and three-part story structure utilizing the principles of sequential art that leads to a fully developed animation using the computer software.

Art 201 Drawing I 3
Art 204 Life Drawing I 3
Multimd 100 Introduction to Computer Applications 3
Multimd 110 Visual Communication 3
Multimd 210 Digital Editing 3
Multimd 220 Illustration for Multimedia 3

Multimd 300 Design for 3D Computer Applications 3
Multimd 310 Interactive Multimedia 3
Multimd 320 Web Design 3
Multimd 400 Introduction to Experimental
Animation 3
Multimd 402 Animation Workshop 3
Multimd 430 Computer Applications for 3D Animation 3
Multimd 500 Multimedia Laboratory 1

Total Units: 37

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Career & Workforce Education

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