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Career & Workforce Education

Career & Workforce Education

Multimedia Studies - Graphic and Web Design

Gainful Employment Disclosures - Multimedia: Graphic and Web Design

Program Description

This program was created to prepare students for careers involving the Internet and graphic layout with a focus on marketing and design. It integrates the elements of illustration, logo-design, typography, HTML/CSS page layout, audio, video, still images, animation, text and data for the delivery of graphic and online interactive content. Our program is designed to give students the skills and training to compete in this creative and high skill industry.

Students will learns the skills and techniques of computer graphics, electronic imaging and production using scanners, digital cameras and computer-based hardware and software (such as Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Illustrator) and all other essential skills to begin a career in the design field.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Analyze and apply the elements and principles of design with competent skill and technique with computer based media.
  • Analyze basic design principles with an emphasis on illustration, graphic layouts, logo creation, font creation, we navigation, web page layout, and the ability to apply these principles to a specific aesthetic intent, including a functional knowledge of the traditions, conceptual modes, and evolutions of the discipline.
  • Synthesize visual forms and their aesthetic functions and basic design principles, with attention to such areas as design, color, and lighting.

Art 201 Drawing 1 3
Art 501 Beginning Two-Dimensional Design 3
Photo 10 Beginning Photography
or Photo 7 Exploring Digital Photography 3
Multimd 100 Introduction to Computer Applications 3
Multimd 110 Visual Communication 3
Multimd 200 Digital Imaging 3

Multimd 220 Illustration for Multimedia 3
Multimd 240 Graphic Design for Multimedia 3
Multimd 310 Interactive Multimedia 3
Multimd 320 Web Design 3
Multimd 340 Vector Graphics 3
Multimd 350 Advanced Web Design 3
Multimd 500 Multimedia Laboratory 1

Total Units: 37

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