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Career & Workforce Education

Career & Workforce Education

Multimedia Studies - Video Production

Gainful Employment Disclosures - Video Production​

Program Description

Students in the program are taught about cinematography, camera techniques, and postproduction. In our program, students take classes in Cinema History, Photography/Visual Storytelling, Audio Production, Digital Editing, and 2D Animation/motion Graphics. You can learn the ins and outs of pre- and post-production and non-linear editing, plus lighting and audio for video and field production. Before graduating, students compile work they created into a portfolio reel to show potential employers. Graduates of the program are prepared to seek entry-level jobs like cinematographer, video editor, scriptwriter, producer, and camera operator.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Analyze and apply the elements and principles of production design with competent skill and technique with production equipment such as cameras and computer editing software
  • Appraise historical, cultural, and aesthetic factors that led to rise of popular narrative and documentary filmmaking and how its model of production became the dominant form practiced by popular cinemas worldwide
  • Recognize, articulate, and judge the visual, verbal, and audio conventions through which images, words, and sounds make meaning in film and media texts.

Theater 100 Introduction to Theater (3 Units)
or Theater 200 Introduction to Acting
Cinema 3 History of Motion Pictures & Television (3 Units)
or Cinema 4 History of Documentary Film
Photo 10 Beginning Photography (3 Units)
Photo 7 Exploring Digital Photography (3 Units)
Multimd 100 Introduction to Computer Applications (3 Units)
Multimd 110 Visual Communication (3 Units)
Multimd 200 Digital Imaging (3 Units)

Multimd 210 Digital Editing (3 Units)
Multimd 600 Story, Script and Screen (3 Units)
Multimd 610 Introduction to Digital Video Production (3 Units)
Multimd 620 Digital Audio (3 Units)
Multimd 630 Digital Video Production Footage Acquisition (3 Units)
Multimd 640 Digital Video Production Digital Editing (3 Units)
Multimd 500 Multimedia Laboratory (1 Unit)

Total Units: 37

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