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DE Course Approval

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5 CCR § 55202
Course Quality Standards.

The same standards of course quality shall be applied to any portion of a course conducted through distance education as are applied to traditional classroom courses, in regard to the course quality judgment made pursuant to the requirements of section 55002, and in regard to any local course quality determination or review process. Determinations and judgments about the quality of distance education under the course quality standards shall be made with the full involvement of faculty in accordance with the provisions of subchapter 2 (commencing with section 53200) of chapter 2.

Is your department interested in offering a DE course?
Curriculum Approval of DE Courses:
  • Use the DE Addendum Handbook to complete the DE addendum. It is strongly recommended that the originator of the course being submitted for an update have knowledge and training in the current LMS and policies/procedures for online education.
  • Initiate a Curriculum update in ECD and attach the DE addendum.
  • Update the COR, if needed (contact Curriculum Chair for guidance), and submit through ECD with a note at the top indicating that this is a DE update.
  • The course will be sent through the course approval process and then placed on the Curriculum agenda.
  • Curriculum Committee will review the DE addendum and determine using guidelines outlined in E-89 whether the course is approved to be offered via DE mode.
  • The DE coordinator will join the curriculum committee as a voting member, and will review the DE addendum in the Tech Review process.

DE Course Scheduling Guidance
Distance Education courses are reviewed for Curriculum committee approval periodically throughout the term. As per Academic Affairs, DE courses may only be scheduled if they are reviewed by the DE committee and approved by the Curriculum committee. As such, we recommend pursuing a DE course approval 2 semesters in advance of the planned DE course offering.