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Teaching Online

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To teach an online or hybrid course at LAMC, faculty must be proficient in the use of our campus learning management system (LMS) and have training in online pedagogy. Faculty can provide this evidence by submitting training certification(s). 

Please contact the Distance Education Coordinator for more information. 


LMS Proficiency

The Distance Education Committee recommends the @One course "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas."

Introduction to Teaching with Canvas

This 4-week course will introduce you to the beauties of using Canvas in online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes. These simple, hands-on lessons give you the chance to master Canvas in your own practice course to build a home page, content page, discussion, and quiz, while also exploring how to use Canvas communication tools.

If you're new to Canvas, or just want a powerful refresher on the basics, this course is a great starting point, and you get to keep your sandbox to play in, experiment, and build your online material!


Online Pedagogy

The Distance Education Committee recommends the @One course "Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning."

Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

In this 4-week course you'll gain proficiency in the unique qualities and perspectives of masterful online teaching, including powerful ways to support the success of online students, how to lay a foundation for a productive learning community, and infusing your course with your distinctive presence. We'll walk you through the pertinent federal, state, and local regulations impacting online teaching, and set you on a path to designing success for you and your students!

To submit proof of completion of training or for more information about your equivalent experience, please contact the LAMC Distance Education Coordinator.