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Noncredit ESL

Welcome to Noncredit English as a Second Language (ESL) at LAMC!

The purpose of the Noncredit English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) program is to offer opportunities for students to begin their ESL experience or develop special skills for personal enrichment. Noncredit ESL courses are mostly designed for beginning to intermediate-level English language learners; there are also speaking and pronunciation courses as well as ESL Civics and Job Readiness courses for all levels. Students who need Academic ESL or want to prepare for college or professional-level English should consider the Credit ESL program.
Noncredit ESL Courses (4 Levels)
  LEVEL 4: ESL NC 015CE – Pre-Academic Skills
  LEVEL 3: ESL NC 009CE – Low Intermediate
  LEVEL 2: ESL NC 008CE – High Beginning
  LEVEL 1: ESL NC 007CE – Low Beginning

For students who want to improve conversation and pronunciation skills, want to improve basic job-readiness skills, or need help studying for the US Citizenship exam, there are Noncredit ESL courses available.
Speaking Skills Job Readiness Skills US Citizenship
ESL NC 023CE – Speech 1 (Pronunciation) BSICSKL 092CE – Job Readiness 101 ESLCVCS 001CE – ESL Civics
ESL NC 021CE – Conversation BSICSKL 091CE – Job Readiness 100  
For more information, please contact the Adult Basic Education (ABE) Department.

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