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ESL Placement

NEW Students (per AB 705 and AB 1805)

To find your ESL level, or to go directly to English 101, please follow these steps:
  1. NEW LAMC students must first apply to the college. After you apply and receive your Student ID Number, please return to Step 2.
  2. Make an appointment for Guided Self-Placement. Contact Professor Jacob Skelton at or call 818-293-8795

    NOTE: The Guided Self-Placement appointment takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Students complete a brief biographical survey and interview with Professor Skelton. Students receive English/ESL placement as a result of the survey/interview. No tests! No stress! It's quick and easy!
  3. Contact your Counselor and complete your educational plan.
  4. Register for classes

Credit ESL

I want to…
  • study intermediate to advanced English/ESL.
  • use English for academic purposes.
  • get a certificate or degree at LAMC.
  • transfer to a university.
  • get a professional-level job in English.
Click here for more information about the ESL Credit Program.

ENGLISH:  818-293-8795
ESPAÑOL: 818-538-7850

Noncredit ESL

I want to…
  • study basic to intermediate English/ESL.
  • use English in my community.
  • study for the USCIS Citizenship Exam.
  • learn ESL for personal development.
  • get an entry-level job in English.
Click here for more information about the Noncredit ESL Program.

ENGLISH:  818-293-8795
ESPAÑOL: 818-538-7850

Contact Us

Department Chair
E.S.L. Faculty

L. Jacob Skelton

ENGLISH: 818-293-8795

ESPAÑOL: 818-538-7850

E.S.L. Faculty

Michael Climo


Department Vice Chair
Spanish Faculty

Mario Escobar



Richard Lam


Sociology Faculty

Myriam Levy


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Cindy Luis


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E.S.L. Faculty

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