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New Students

Los Angeles Mission College Welcomes New International Students Applying for an F1 Visa and for students in the United States. Los Angeles Mission College accepts international student applications for the Fall and Spring semesters only.

Online College Admission Application for International Students

Please provide accurate and complete details when submitting your application. To be considered for admissions the following documents are required:
1.            Personal Statement
2.            High School Diploma or Proof of completed Secondary Education 
3.            Financial Bank Statement (proof of funds)
4.            Financial Affidavit Support 
5.            Academic Records (send Official Transcripts to Admissions & Records)
6.            Passport Photo and Passport Information 
7.            US Visa and I-94 (if applicable)
8.            Transfer Eligibility Form for Transfer-In Students only 

All documents must be official and/or original. Documents may be scanned and emailed to or mailed to the following address:
Los Angeles Mission College
International Students Program
13356 Eldridge Ave.
Sylmar, CA 91342

** International students may arrive up to 30 days prior to the start of the semester but no later than the start of the semester. A new International Student Orientation is mandatory before starting the semester. The decision regarding your admission will be determined once the International Students Program receives all your supporting documents and payment of the application fee. Please contact the International Students Program for help or if there are any questions you may have. 


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Program Assistant 

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Ludi Villegas-Vidal
Supervising Administrator, Dean of Student Services 



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