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Is there a sample test or test preparation available for the Math Placement (MDTP) test?

Yes, Math Placement test practice is available at

This page contains a sample test for you to try and will tell you which topics you need to review before taking the actual placement test. After the sample test, additional practice is provided (through Interact Math) to help you prepare for the actual placement test.


Can I retake my Math Placement (MDTP) test?


Math Placement (MDTP) tests can only be retaken one year after the original testing or after the student has completed a special boot camp. These boot camps are typically offered during the winter and summer intersessions.


What is the difference between all the different elementary algebra paths (115/125, 123ABC, 129AB, 137)?


Los Angeles Mission College offers several different pathways for students to fulfill their remedial algebra requirement. This allows students to pick the pathway that best suits their learning style. Each pathway uses the same textbook and has the same instructor throughout the sequence, so it is recommended that once a student chooses a pathway that they stick with that pathway until the end.

Math 115/125 is the traditional algebra sequence that covers two semesters and a total of 10 units.


Math 123ABC is a slower paced algebra sequence that covers three semesters and a total of 12 units. The 123 sequence uses the same textbook and courseware as the Math 115/125 sequence, however each class meeting includes an hour of lab time for students to practice the concepts they learned that day. This extra lab time helps to ensure that students truly understand the concepts before they leave the classroom.

Math 129AB is a faster paced algebra sequence that combines Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra (Math 112/115/125). The Math 129 sequence condenses these three courses down to two semesters and a total of 12 units. This allows students that just need a little review at the beginning to quickly move through the remedial math courses. While this sequence is academically challenging, lab time is provided to help students work through the many concepts provided and stay up to speed with everything that is happening in the course. Because of the faster pace, this sequence is mostly recommended for STEM majors.


Math 137 is an algebra course designed solely for Statistics. Only taking one semester and 5 units, students learn the concepts and algebra that will help them succeed in Math 227. However, students may only take Math 227 after taking this course, no other courses may be taken after Math 137. As a result, this course is only recommended for non-STEM majors.

For more information about which pathway is best for you, talk to your counsellor or make an appointment with the math department for academic advising.


What is the difference between the Calculus-prep pathways (245/240 vs. 240/260) and which will better prepare me for Calculus?


Both Calculus pathways require Math 240 (Trigonometry). However the student has the choice between either taking Math 245 (College Algebra) or Math 260 (Pre-Calculus) to complete the pathway.

Math 245 is an extension of Intermediate Algebra and contains many of the algebra techniques that will be needed for Calculus. Math 245 is only three units and many students are able to take Math 240/245 together in the same semester. This pathway is especially good for the student that needs more algebra practice.

Math 260 contains the same algebra content as Math 245, however Math 260 also covers trigonometry which means that the algebra part is usually faster paced. Math 260 is five units and (though possible) it typically is not recommended for students to take Math 240 and 260 at the same time. However, Math 260 looks ahead to the specific types of problems students will encounter in Calculus. This pathway is especially good for the student who is confident with their algebra skills.


Which courses do I need to prepare for Statistics?

In order to take Statistics, you must first pass either Math 125 (Intermediate Algebra) or Math 137 (Algebra for Statistics). However, if you pass Math 137 you may only take Math 227. If you pass Math 125 you can take a variety of courses, including Statistics. It is recommended that STEM majors take Math 125 first and non-STEM major take Math 137 before taking Statistics.


How many times can I retake a course?

New district rules only allow you to take a course up to three times. Once a student has three failing grades (Ds or Fs), Ws, or incompletes, the system will block that student from taking the same course again.


What textbook do I need for my course?


A list of classes and textbooks is available at


How do I register for MyMathLab?


Directions for registering for MyMathLab are available at

You will need your course ID (usually found on your class syllabus) and an access code (which is either with your textbook or can be purchased online) to register for MyMathLab.

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