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Professional Development

Professional Development : Charter


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  • Provides faculty, administration, and classified staff the opportunity to maximize their professional and personal development through a planned program of activities and resources that support the mission and goals of the college.
  • Ensures that opportunities for professional growth are made available to faculty, staff and administrators under the guidelines of AB 1725.(Ed. Code 87150)

MEMBERSHIP (11 Voting Members)

Representatives from:

  • Academic Senate Faculty (4)
  • AFT Faculty (3)
  • AFT Classified (2)
  • Administrator (1)
  • Student - ASO (1)

Membership term is an option of the appointing body.



  • The Professional Development Committee is chartered and authorized by the College Council. The Professional Development Committee is authorized to form ad hoc subcommittees and task forces to accommodate specific professional development needs.


  • The Professional Development Committee will be responsible for the coordination of the training of classified staff, faculty, and administration.


  • The Office of Academic Affairs will provide administrative support to the Professional Development Committee.


  • It will be the responsibility of each member of the Professional Development Committee to attend each meeting. If a member has excessive absences, missing three or more meetings in a row or more than five meetings in a year, the constituency which selected the member will be notified and asked to name a replacement.

GOALS (2014-2015 Academic Year)

  1. Establish calendar of college-wide events at the Professional Development website
  2. Increase attendance at events
  3. Focus on 3 or 4 main events each academic year
  4. Continue offering a Faculty Academy for all faculty at LAMC