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Professional Development Committee

11 Voting Members

Member Position / Constituent Term
Fabiola Mora Administrator & co-chair Recurring
Bamdad Samii Academic Senate & co-chair Recurring
Albert Ybarra Academic Senate Recurring
Ivet Bazikyan Academic Senate 2019-2021 (1st term)
Marie Zaiens Academic Senate 2019-2021 (2nd term)
Riye Park AFT 2020-2022 (1st term) 
Chander Arora AFT 2019-2021 (1st term)
Ayra Quinn AFT 2020-2022 (1st term)
Pio Castillo AFT Classified 2020-2022  (1st term)
Monica Alfaro AFT Classified 2019-2021  (1st term)
Joey Scaggs ASO 2020-2021 (1st term)