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Technical Support

If you continue having trouble logging in or navigating the Student Portal, contact the Office of Outreach and Recruitment for in-person support. They are located in the Campus Center building, Lower Level, Room 1518. For office hours and more information, call 818-364-7779.

Need help?

  • Introduction to the New Student Portal and the My Profile Menu
    • Logging into the Student Portal and Changing Your Password (PDF | VIDEO)
    • Navigating the Student Portal (PDF)
    • Viewing Your Student Ed Plan (PDF)
    • Using Self-Service to Update Your Information (PDF)
  • Using the Academics Menu
    • Browsing the Course Catalog (PDF )
    • Finding Your Registration Appointment (PDF | VIDEO)
    • Enrolling from Planner (PDF | VIDEO)
    • Enrolling from Requirements (PDF)
    • Searching a Class (PDF | VIDEO)
    • Enrolling from Class Search (PDF | VIDEO)
    • Adding a Class (PDF)
    • Adding to a Waitlist (PDF)
    • Adding a Class by Using a Permission Code (PDF)
    • Dropping A Class (PDF | VIDEO)
    • Swapping Classes (PDF)
    • Viewing Term Information (PDF)
    • Requesting an UnOfficial Transcript (PDF)
    • Requesting Official Transcript (PDF)
    • Viewing Student Staff Schedule of Classes (PDF)
    • Submitting a Graduation Petition (PDF)
  • Using the Finances Menu
    • Viewing a Financial Aid Award (PDF)
    • Accepting or Declining Financial Aid Awards (PDF)
    • Viewing my Account Activity (PDF)
    • Add a Payment Profile to Your Account (PDF)
    • Paying for Parking (PDF)
    • Opting Out of ASO Fees for the Current Semester (PDF)
    • Viewing and Consenting for 1098T (PDF)