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Sociology : Sociology AA Degree

Sociology AA Degree

Educational Program

The Associate in Arts in Sociology for Transfer provides the student with a strong foundation in the discipline, as well as breadth of exposure to various areas included in this field. Sociology majors are given opportunities to develop a broad understanding of core sociological theories and the methodological skills used to evaluate human behavior and social organizations. Sociology provides an intellectual background for students considering careers in business, social services, public policy, government service, international nongovernmental organizations, foundations, or academia.

Students who complete this degree will be guaranteed admission with junior status to the California State University system, although not a particular campus or major. Students can use the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Search by CSU Campus to view which CSU campuses accept ADT degrees in their major:

Coursework Requirements (per LAMC’s 2020 Catalog)

Courses Units
Required Core (9-10 units)  
SOC 1 (Introduction to Sociology) 3
[Select two]  
SOC 2 (American Social Problems) 3
SOC 4 (Sociological Analysis) recommended in last semester 3
MATH 227 (Statistics) 4
List A: Select two courses (6-7 units)  
Any course from the Required Core not already used  
SOC 3 (Crime and Delinquency) 3
SOC 11 (Race and Ethnicity) 3
SOC 13 Self and Society (Social Psychology) 3
SOC 28 (Family: A Sociological Approach) 3
List B: Select one course (3-4) units  
Any course from the Required Core or List A not already used  
LING 001 Introduction to Linguistics 3
SOC 31 (Sociology of Gender) 3
  18-19 units

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