The organization for the comprehensive self-study began in February 1993 when the college solicited volunteers to write the Midterm Report. Because of an agreement between the former chancellor and the commission to have district colleges visited in groups of threes, the visitation date to Mission College was scheduled a year early, thereby compressing the midterm and the comprehensive back to back. For this reason, and because of the small number of full-time faculty available to do the study, those who formed the standard committees for the Midterm, did also for the Comprehensive.

No sooner was the Midterm submitted in November of 1993 than the first meeting for the comprehensive was held, 11 November. At this meeting, timelines were established, calling for first rough drafts to be submitted 4 April 1994. The concern of the Steering Committee was that if drafts were not submitted before summer break, there would not be time in fall semester alone to complete the study.

In accord with our practice since 1989, it was agreed that the Steering Committee chairman would convene as few general meetings as possible, but would be available anytime to meet with standard committees for whatever assistance might be needed. Accordingly, meetings were held, individual assignments were agreed to, and sources of information were identified for particular sections of the standards.

And then the earth quaked. While it is impossible to measure or otherwise establish to what degree that event and its 11,000 aftershocks retarded the progress of the study, it at least occasioned a tremulous shift of attention. Time passed. The 4 April deadline was missed. Eventually, several standards were submitted and revision began immediately; for the most part, however, too much

was still not done in August when the editor urged the president to either ask for an extension or exercise his presidential authority to convene an intensive, two-day, weekend meeting of the entire Accreditation Committee. The meeting was called; response was supportive; much was written; but the revision process absorbed more time so that as the new year approached and arrived, not all the standards were complete. Nonetheless, by early February the work was ready for printing.

The following persons composed the original Accreditation Committee. As the commission knows, however, for a variety of reasons there is usually a difference between those who volunteer and those who actually become involved.

Standard 1: Institutional Integrity Standard 5: Library

Colin Haight, Student Co-chairperson
Ruth Suyama, Faculty Co-chairperson
Benny Scott, Faculty
Sally Silvers, Faculty
Gwen Walker, Counselor
Angela Merrill, Staff
Carlie Tronto, Administration
Father Amy, Community Representative

Marisa Field, Student chair
Sandy Thomsen, Librarian
Rayma Greenberg, Librarian
Dale Newman, Faculty
Ken Hunt, Administration
David Oshima, Staff
Leslie Milke, Faculty
Standard 2: Educational Programs Standard 6: Physical Resources
Farah Mitil, Student Co-chairperson
John Cantley, Faculty Co-chairperson
Louise Barbato, Faculty
John Orozco, Faculty

Ralph La Rosa, Faculty
Lilia Smith, Staff
Carlie Tronto, Administration
Diane Astadurian, Manager
Eloise Cantrell, Administration
Bud Brown, Community Representative

Shari Borchetta, Administration
Victor Reynolds, Staff
Lee Risemberg, Faculty
Jan Silver, Faculty

Francia Garcia, Student
Alex Yguado, Faculty
Charles Perkins, Classified

Standard 3: Student Services Standard 7: Financial Resources
Christina Wood, Student Co-chairperson
Carlos Nava, Administration Co-chairperson
Leslee Koritzke, Counselor
Gerri Paredes, Faculty
Joe Vidal, Staff
Geri Shapiro, Counselor (PT)
Ken Hunt, Administration
Paula Riggs, Staff
David Ching, Administration
Mari Rettke, Faculty
Gerald Scheib, Faculty
Andres Guerrero, Administration
Joyce Holloway, Staff
Juan Andrade, Student
Standard 4: Faculty and Staff Standard 8: Governance
Paul Kubicki, Faculty Chairperson
Rosalie Hilger, Staff
Jose Luis Ramirez, Counselor
Elaine Hemenway, Faculty (PT)
Eloise Cantrell, Administration
Yolanda Sirucek, Student

Barbie Gonzalez, Student
Sandra Mayo, Faculty
Ed Raskin, Faculty
Maria Fenyes, Faculty
Fern Reisner, Staff
Ken Hunt, Administration
Warren Furumoto, Community Rep
Bud Brown, Community Rep

Several replacements for students were officially assigned by the Associated Student Organization: Tony Montes for Christina Wood, Yolanda Sirucek for Sergio Anchonde, Elisa Fedezco for Francia Garcia, Gabriel Monge for Juan Andrade, and Lilianna Sunn for Barbie Gonzalez.