Students and guests who take time to relax in the Campus Center lobby are greeted by works contributed by two Mission College art students. The paintings hang on the walls adjacent to the windows that overlook the Quad. On the north wall, visitors see "The Green Man" by Sarah Moffitt (left). Part of a group of paintings from her mythologies series, this work by Moffitt (based on a Celtic myth) is representative of masculinity in nature and at the same time a symbol of fertility. Overall, said Moffitt, it reinforces a state of balance in the world. On the north wall hangs "Writing" (right) by Orlando Martinez. The painting gives us his rendering of "…the abstract nature of language." Martinez, a two-time Getty Museum grant recipient, said "Language can be just a bunch of formatted lines, but the lines that make up language can be engaging and sublime." Martinez uses graffiti as a departure to explore this abstract idea.