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P a u l s e n


Eye Candy, 1600 Tiny Paintings


Eye Candy is an installation of 1600 tiny paintings that embellish walls with a tantalizing jewel-like texture, pulling in the everyday viewer in with sense of wonder and surprise.

Using conventional and unconventional materials, each tiny painting is created by cutting up ink drawings into half-inch squares, pushing a clear pushpin though the center of each piece, and dragging them through a pan of gloss medium.

The result is a unique, sculptural painting with colorful optical effects. In the installation of the tiny paintings a sense of movement is implied by the use of free flowing organic and geometric shapes. The intensity and repetition of the hundreds tiny paintings reveal a sense of compulsion.

This installation was first exhibited at Los Angeles Mission College in 2003 as part of a show titled Inside-Out. Since then it has grown, reformed, and traveled to San Bernardino Council for the Arts in April-May 2005, as Eye Candy.

It is now being shaped into human organic forms at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry in Los Angeles in August of 2005 to be exhibited indefinitely.