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The websites below are career information systems that offer career self-assessment tests that can help you know yourself better and knowing yourself better can help you choose a satisfying job or occupational field to explore. The self-assessments tests are based on your personality, interest, values, goals and skills. Information provided is: job descriptions, salary, growth projection, training and preparation needed, major descriptions, university information, job openings and much more.


-- Find out what types of careers/occupations may be good match for you. You will need to register on-line to use this site. The LAMC Site ID Code is: N1ROUEO  

California Career Zone
-- Explore hundreds of careers and majors including career videos and job openings. “Make Money Choices” helps you determine the lifestyle you want to lead and how much it will cost you. “Explore Job Families” allows you to look at broad sectors that can help you find related occupations within an area that you might enjoy.

Holland Code Quiz
 -- Each question is an opportunity for you to describe the kinds of things you as a person can do, might like to do or the action that most fits you.

Jung Typology Test
 -- based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality.

Career OneStop
 -- Find jobs--from entry level to technical to professional to CEO. Identify job-ready workers with the right skills.

-- Identify your personality type by taking a free Humanmetrics personality assessment. After completing the assessment, students will have a four-letter code describing their personality type. 

Skills Search
-- Identify your skills in a variety of different areas to help you become aware of the range of skills you are interested in.