Career Planning -- Provides articles about the world of work.  Students can access internship opportunities by typing internship in the search box.

Congressional Black Caucus
-- The Leadership Institute for Public Service prepares the next generation to take its place in community service with internship opportunities in Washington DC.

Hispanic National Internship Program
-- Apply for paid internships in your field of study. Internships are throughout the country, which include Los Angeles. All majors are encouraged to apply.

-- Lists a wide range of international organizations, jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships, and events.  For example, tutor/youth mentor or serve low-income communities.

Internship Programs
-- Career advice for undergraduate students seeking top internships, internship opportunities with top companies, and how to get hired from an internship.

LACCD Internship Program
-- The Los Angeles Community College District operates an internship program that allows students of the nine colleges to participate in PAID internships with the organizations that do business with the district.  To participate, go to to register or browse existing internship openings.  You will then need to **COMPLETE THE APPLICATION, **SUBMIT A RESUME, & **SUBMIT A FACULTY RECOMMENDATION.  For questions, contact the district internship office at (323) 432 – 3983.