Transfer & Career Center
(Campus Services Building)
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Summer 2011 Office Hours:

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Career Zone California -- Go to asses yourself and take quick personality, interest and values assessments.

-- Take quick personality and interest assessments.

Eureka Micro Skills
-- This site will help you identify skills you may be interested in using on the job. You will need to register online to use this site. The LAMC Site ID Code is N1ROUEO.

-- Identify your personality type by taking a free Humanmetrics personality assessment.  After completing the assessment, students will have a four-letter code describing their personality type.  The site also offers a small business entrepreneur profiler for a small fee.

Job Hunters Bible
-- Provides a variety of career assessments and career interest games.  The Holland Self-Directed Search assessment is offered for a fee.  The site also has a link to unusual jobs and provides excellent career advice.

Keirsey Assessment
-- Take a short assessment based on the Keirsey Temperament Sorter to identify your temperament. Receive an explanation of your personality indicator: Rational, Artisan, Idealist, or Guardian, which may help you better understand how you interact with others.

Personality Tests
-- Choose links to personality tests, IQ tests, entrepreneur tests, and aptitude tests.

Quint Careers (Assessment)
-- Go to Open our Career Toolkit under Main Features, which takes you to Career Resources Toolkit for Job-Seekers.

Rutgers Career Services
-- Go to asses self and take quick interest, values and skills assessments.

Skills Search
-- Identify your skills in a variety of different areas to help you become aware of the range of skills you are interested in.

True Colors
-- Learn about your unique traits and how they can be applied to occupational choices. You will need to register online to use this site. The LAMC Site ID Code is N1ROUEO.