Distance Education Committee (DEC)


David Jordan - DE Coordinator and Co-Chair
Michael Allen - VP Academic Affairs - Co-Chair

Darlene Montes  - Assoc. Dean - Academic Affairs
Dean of Curriculum  Madeline Hernandez

Academic Senate Appointments (3)
Myriam Levy, Vilma Bernal, and Gina Ladinsky

AFT Appointments (3)
Lilamani DeSilva, Par Mohammadian, Diana Bonilla

Rodrigo Austria, - IT Manager or designee
Resource Members:
Carole Akl - Curriculum
Adrian Gonzalez - DSP&S
Paul McKenna - ITV

Statement of Purpose

A Distance Education Committee or its equivalent will serve the function of communicating and advising the college in its decision-making regarding Distance Education issues.

It should report to the college’s Educational Planning Committee or its equivalent and should include DE faculty, information technology staff and administrators involved in DE course development and delivery.

The college Curriculum Committee and the Distance Education Committee or equivalent should address Distance Education as it relates to the total instructional program.

The Distance Education Committee is under the purview of the Academic Senate and the Educational Planning Committee

Meeting Dates: Spring 2015: 2/18, 3/18, 4/15, 5/20 


Article 40 - Contract

Agendas & Minutes