Distance Education Student Complaints, Procedures, Policies and Resolution

Los Angeles Mission College Student Grievance Procedures

LAMC  has a Student Grievance Procedure that you are encouraged to utilize.  Please utilize the following steps prior to submitting a complaint online
Instructor Complaint
   a.   Meet with professor to discuss concern
   b    Meet with Department Chair
If you have a complaint with an office on campus, please contact the supervisor in the specific department.
If you need contact information for your instructor, the department chair, or the supervisor of an office or department, please click on the following link.  There is a drop down menu near the top left side of the page where you can sort by last name, first name, or department.

Once you have exhausted all steps that are listed above (1a and 1b) and have not been successful in resolving your complaint, you may submit your complaint online using the following form. Also watch the following video on how to submit a complaint.

For further information contact the Office of Student Services - phone - 818-364-7766 or the VP of Student Services Joe Ramirez - email -

For disability-related complaints, refer to the Academic Accommodations Policy in this handbook for detailed information on how to file a complaint. The student may contact the DSP&S  Coordinator, Vice President of Student Affairs, or the College Compliance Officer for assistance in filing the complaint or to obtain a complaint form.

Los Angeles Mission College College Accreditation

Los Angeles Mission College is regionally accredited by the Western Association of States and Colleges (WASC). For our recent Self Evaluation Report - see

The Commission has authorized Los Angeles Mission College to offer Associate Degrees and Certificates. 

Complaint Policies and Procedure

The Commission (WASC) receives complaints about substantive matters that are related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs. All such complaints are judged against the Commission's standards in Characteristics of Excellence.

Complaints must be written, signed, and addressed to the President of the Commission. However, the Commission investigates these complaints only when the complainant has exhausted all of the institution's appeal procedures. 

For more information, see the Commission's policy statement and the complaint form  

The Commission (WASC) will address concerns that are clearly related to an accreditation action taken by the Commission. However, the Commission is not a judicial or quasi-judicial body, and therefore cannot settle disputes between individuals and institutions, whether these involve students, faculty, administration, or members of other groups. Examples of these would be a student's complaint about a grade received from a faculty member or a faculty member's complaint about his or her hiring or continued employment.

Complaint resolution contacts by state

State Authorization-An Introduction

On October 29, 2010, the U.S. Department of Education (US ED) released new “program integrity” regulations.  One of the regulations focused on the need for institutions offering distance or correspondence education to acquire authorization from any state in which it "operates.”  This authorization is required to maintain eligibility for students of that state to receive federal financial aid. Institutions have until July 1, 2014, to have obtained the appropriate approvals. Meanwhile, institutions are required to demonstrate a 'good faith' effort to comply in each state in which it serves students. While the regulation has been 'vacated' by court order, we believe it will be reinstated.

State regulations predate the federal regulation and remain in effect. States with regulations expect that institutions already be in compliance with their regulations before serving any students in their state.In compliance with Federal Department of Education regulations, 
click this link for information about filing consumer complaints in the states in which LAMC students might reside and take its distance education courses or programs. For state contact information - click here. 

Here is an update on the State Authorization Requirements as of 12-09-13.  WCET has compiled a summary of what states and institutions need to do to meet the new federal regulations.  WCET summary of requirements

If you need additional assistance in locating state complaint procedures, please contact  the DE Coordinator, David Jordan at or (cell) 818-415-2015

Problems Logging into your Course Management System

Sometimes students have problems in logging into their courses. Please contact the Help Desk at Mission at  or look at the online Help Desk materials, tutorials and videos at

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