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NameMember OfExtensionPublic PhoneLocation 
Abed, Karineh Ex. 3391(818) 833-3391CMS 124Email
Aburahmeh, Sammy Ex. 4035(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4035 Email
Ackerman, Xuan-Mai H.E.S.L. - Non Credit
Ex. 4575(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4575CMPC 2Email
Acuna, Norma C.Spanish
Ex. 4201(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4201CSB 105Email
Ades, Ralph Mathematics
Ex. 4900(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4900CMS 121Email
Agvanian, Youri Mathematics
Ex. 4278(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4278 Email
Ahn, Whitney M.Ex. 4532(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4532 Email
Akl, Carole E.Mathematics
Ex. 7873(818) 364-7873CMS 124 #139Email
Ali, Beverly Email
Allen, Margarete B.Astronomy
(818) 362-6182Canvas -Email
Allen, Veronica V.Child Development
Ex. 7809(818) 364-7809CCDS 209Email
Alonso Pastor, Jose Angel Spanish
Alvarado, Thea S. Email
Amezquita, Dilma S.Basic Skills
Ex. 7774(818) 364-7774INST Email
Amirfazlian, Mehrak Ex. 4887(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4887 Email
Anaya, Elidia Child Development Center
Ex. 4610(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4610CCDS 215Email
Anderson, John D.Ex. 4400(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4400 Email
Andrade, Maricela Student Support Services
Ex. 7823(818) 364-7823CMPC LowerLevelEmail
Anketell, Christina P.BUNG 1 Email
Ansari, Faisal M. Email
Anthony, Ryan K.Administration Of Justice
Ex. 4186(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4186INST 2004Email
Antoniou, Nikolas D.Mathematics
Ex. 4199(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4199CMS 247Email
April, Jan F. Email
Arevshatian, Zareh Cinema
Ex. 4360(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4360 Email
Arieff, Diane Email
Armstrong, Anne E.Anthropology
Ex. 4244(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4244CMS Email
Arora, Balbir S.Ex. 7162(818) 364-7600 Ex. 7162CMPC (Lower) Email
Arora, Chander P.Biology
Ex. 7753(818) 364-7753CMS 225Email
Arriaga, Abraham Basic Skills
LRC 233Email
Arrieta, Jose A. Email
Artis, Troy T.Culinary Arts
CAI 207Email
Arviso, Debra A. Email
Asatryan, John Mathematics
INST CounselingEmail
Asili, Hosseinh Ex. 4262(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4262HFAC 202Email
Atondo, Elizabeth M.Counseling
Ex. 7661(818) 364-7661INST 20Email
Augusztiny, Eric C.Ex. 4133(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4133 Email
Austria, Rodrigo G.Information Technology
Computer Science Information Technology
Technology Committee
Ex. 7608(818) 364-7608LRC 114Email
Avalos, Linda M.EOP&S
Ex. 7636(818) 364-7636INST Email
Avendano, Jose Mathematics
Ex. 4407(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4407CMS 247Email
Avetyan, Smbat Astronomy
Ex. 4492(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4492CMS Email
Ayala, Eustolia Family Child Care Edu. Home Network
Ex. 7709(818) 364-7709CCDS Email

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