Program Achievements

Summer Bridge 2010

Summer Bridge is a program for recent high school graduate to participate in a program that allows them to remediate towards college-level work.  Part of their course work is to be in our learning community bridge courses either the English and or Math Pathways linked with a Personal Development 40 course.  Also, students were engaged in the State-of-the-Art Workshops for their out-of-classroom success.

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Student Success Center Workshops

Students were also engaged outside-of-the-classroom by attending the Student Success Centers Workshops on a weekly basis.  These workshops are part of their transition to better understand the various resources we offer at LAMC.  Our student success workshops entails of a weekly thematic resource learning experience.  Please note, The Summer workshops are different than the Fall and Spring Semester Workshops.


Throughout the Fall and Spring semester, we have a variety of workshops to help students brush up on their learning skills and we call these workshops. “How-To”.  For instance, How to take Cornell-Note-Method, How to Manage your time between school, work and family, How to write your SMART Goals and Maintain Motivation, How to Find Main Ideas in your reading assignments, How to search for the right career for me and etc… 


These workshops have proven to be popular and very much a part of our culture. Every week we have two workshops on different times and students are coming and ready to learn and engage in these given topics.  These workshops are open discussion and hands-on.

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First Year Experience (FYE) Fall 2010

We, at Los Angeles Mission College designed a learning community bridge as part of our First-Year Experience (FYE) to increase students’ academic and personal success.  We believe that in order for students; to succeed, they must be able to monitor their learning from both in their academic learning and their social environment.


Our efforts in establishing bridge courses was merely to have a basic skills course linked with a transfer credit course so students can still manage to work on foundations skills and have units taken toward their degree or transfer credit.


Our FYE consists of students having a choice of either taking any of the bridge courses depending on their placement scores:


English Pathway, which were Dev Com 1 (Grammar & Writing) with Dev Com 36A (Reading) with Personal Development (PD) 40; English 21 (two levels below College level English) with CAOT 82 (Software Survey in the Office); and English 28 (one level below college level) with Speech 101 (Oral Communications 1).

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Math Pathway, which were Math 112 (Pre-Algebra) with PD 40; Math 115 (Elementary Algebra) with PD 40 and Math 125 (Intermediate Algebra) with PD 40.

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First Year Experience Spring 2011

English Pathway, which we continued was English 28 with Speech 101 and two sections of ESL 8.


Math Pathway, Math 125 with an optional Math Study Skills Sessions.

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