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Gerontology is the study of the process of aging from conception to death and the problems associated with aging and the aged in society. The Gerontology Program at Mission College is designed to : (a) provide preparation for employment in the aging network, (b) provide continuing education for job enrichment and career development, (c) provide general education and (d) provide training for government agencies in meeting state regulations.


Career Outlook

Within the aging network the need continues for qualified, trained personnel at all occupational levels. Opportunities for those trained in gerontology will be abundant, given that the proportion of the U.S. population aged 65 years and over is expected to double to an estimated 70 million by 2030.As the most populous state, California will be home to a large number of the elderly, creating a need for programs and services which improve the quality of life for older Americans. Our graduates work in business, marketing, management, recreation, travel, nutrition, health care, care management, residential care facilities, and teaching.


Services Offered at Mission College
  • A full financial aid program including work/study, grants, and scholarships
  • Day and evening classes to fit your lifestyle
  • A job placement service
  • Bilingual and bicultural courses in English and Spanish
  • Personal development and general education courses
  • Tutoring assistance
  • Services for disabled students
  • A child care center
  • Academic, personal and career counseling


Gerontology Program