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Helping make Mission College the best that it can be

The Los Angeles Mission College Foundation is the support arm of the college, made up of community members and civic and business leaders.

Our members are strong supporters of community-based education. We believe that a community college education can open many doors and career opportunities for students.

The mission of Los Angeles Mission College Foundation is to raise funds and provide stewardship for funds already raised, through annual scholarship drives, special events, grant applications and business partnerships. Our goal is to provide a local financial support system to needy and deserving students entering and continuing their education at Mission College. Our vision is to improve the quality of life in our community by providing support for individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue quality accessible educational programs and services.

We thank the many sponsors, supporters and friends who helped make this year's activities successful. With your help, we will raise thousands of dollars for scholarships for deserving students.

Contact us for ways you can help the Foundation in our ongoing efforts to support LA Mission College. If you are interested in giving of your time, talents, or treasures to support LAMC Foundation, please click here so that we may contact you. Thank you for your generous spirit! 

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It felt great to receive a scholarship. I wasn’t encouraged to go to college when I was in high school. The opportunity to go to school and the money told me that maybe I deserved to go to college; that I had a chance.

Gabriela Resendez
2007 Foundation Scholarship Recipient

My major is Gerontology. The scholarship money will help me to finish my career, and then I will help other people. Thank you Mission College Foundation.

Luis Garcia Torres
2007 Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Last Updated: 1/22/16