Springfest 2014
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 Springfest 2014 Food & Wine
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"With the mindful assistance of the LAMC Foundation, I am able to continue pursuing my education...I believe that with personal dedication and generosity and understanding from organizations such as the LAMC Foundation, I will be able to complete my educational goals and build myself to be a better-rounded individual...I have only positivity and many thanks to spread and give from the LAMC Foundation for assisting me with furthering my education, and I know that they will continue to assist many more students to come."

Sara Sanchez, Scholarship Recepient

"By awarding me this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning.  You generosity is inspiring me to  hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to help others in the way you have helped me"   

Emma Flores, Scholarship Recipient

The Foundation supports students through scholarships and on-campus program sponsorship -- all funded by donors like you. For more information visit our "About Us".

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