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Accommodation Requests for Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a disability that has documentation of such, please notify your instructor as soon as possible if you are in need of an accommodation.  Students who are already connected with the DSPS office at the college campus where the ITV class is meeting should follow up with that office to discuss the need for accommodations.  For students with disabilities that are taking ITV courses only and who are NOT participants with the DSPS office at the college the ITV course meets, please contact the DSPS office at Los Angeles Mission College to inquire about the steps necessary to arrange for accommodations.*

*Students requesting accommodations are responsible for providing documentation of the disability to the DSPS office at the college they are attending regular classes/ITV classes or to the LAMC DSPS office if they are only taking ITV classes.  For ITV only students, the following steps are required to have accommodation requests reviewed/approved:

ITV only students with verified disabilities who are requesting academic accommodations should use the following procedure:

Step 1: Obtain documentation of your disability from a licensed professional. You may contact LAMC DSP&S office to request an ITV/DSP&S Intake Packet and Disability Verification form.

Step 2: Make an appointment to meet with a DSP&S Counselor to review your documentation and discuss reasonable accommodations.  To schedule a meeting, please call DSP&S at LAMC (818) 364-7732.

Step 3: Bring your disability documentation to your DSP&S appointment.  The DSP&S office is located at Los Angeles Mission College in room 1018 of the Instructional Administration (IA) building.

Step 4: Each semester, an Accommodation Letter from the DSP&S Counselor will need to be given to your instructor indicating your approved accommodations.

Please complete this process in a timely manner to allow adequate time to provide accommodation.

ATTENTION: Students in Need of Sign Language Interpreting:
For new or continuing ITV students who are in need of Sign Language Interpreting, please notify LAMC DSP&S beforethe semester begins by submitting an email request at:


I can't log in to my class

You will only be able to access your online website when the session starts. Some instructors open the website the week-end before to give you an opportunity to browse the class. Please contact your instructor by email for assistance or call the ITV office at (818) 833-3595 (Mon-Fri business hours) or email at


Why does ITV list the classes four times on my schedule?

The class is listed 4 times because we teach at 4 different campuses.  You are only required to attend one class meeting; attend at the campus most convenient for you. For more

information on campus location, room numbers and schedule, see the link “Class Schedule”


How does the system know which college I'll be attending?

The class is listed 4 times because we teach at 4 different campuses.  You are only required to attend one class meeting; attend at the campus most convenient for you. For more information on campus location, room numbers and schedule, see the link “Class Schedule”


I hear ITV classes are easy. Is this true?

No, hybrid courses in an 8 week format require students to be very organized, disciplined and ready to complete weekly online activities ranging from reading textbook content, completing chapter exams, watching video content, discussion forums, and/or essays and daily homework in math classes. Plus all students are required to attend one week-end class each week. You choose the location each week-end that works with your schedule. ITV classes are fast-paced hybrid classes. We condense 16 weeks of instruction into 8weeks. The week before the semester starts, you should look at the online syllabus and schedule your studies accordingly.


Does every class work the same?

Every class follows the schedule of Saturday/Sunday meetings from 9 am – 12 noon or 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm. Each course has a standard amount of written work that needs to be submitted along with student participation. Midterm and final exams are required for each course.


My instructor didn’t allow me to have a cheat sheet for the tests. Aren’t they supposed to?

No. This is not a requirement for the course. A cheat sheet or a sheet of notes is something that some instructors may allow but it isn’t a required standard for any course.


How do I drop classes?

You can manage your classes via the Student Information System. Instructional Television is listed as a college in the drop down menu.


What do I do if I forget my password?

Go to the Reset Password page at Etudes, type your email address in the box and click on the "Send Password" button. Click Here for the Password Reset page.


There's something wrong with my essay. Some of the punctuation marks are altered by the Web site.

If you want to retain the formatting of your essays, you should submit them as attachments. Pasting them into the editor may alter some characters, depending on the versions of software students are using. This is rare, but it happens with Mac user's versions of software.


Do I have to attend all four campuses?

No. For each class, you only have to attend one weekend meeting at the campus and time most convenient to you.


Where is the campus I want to attend?

Click here for directions and maps to the campuses.

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