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Paralegal Certificate

A Legal Assistant or more commonly referred to as a "paralegal" performs duties which include legal research, client interviewing, preparation of briefs and other documents, conducting investigations, drafting wills and deeds, and other such legal transactions. Legal Assistants - Paralegals also specialize in specific areas, such as probate, torts, family law, personal injury, insurance claims, civil litigation, elder law, immigration law, intelectual property, and real estate law.

The State of California now requires the Legal Assistant-Paralegal to be certified by an accredited educational institution.

Mission College Legal Assisting-Paralegal program meets these requirements with its Paralegal Certificate which requires 36 units of Academic Study. A grade of "C" or above is required in each of the 12 law classes to obtain your paralegal certificate.

Paralegal Curriculum

Law 1 Business Law I 3
Law 2 Business Law II 3
Law 10 Intro to Legal Assisting I 3
Law 11 Intro to Legal Assisting II 3
Law 12 Tort Law & Claims Investigation 3
Law 13 Wills, Trusts & Probate Administration 3
Law 16 Civil and Criminal Evidence 3
Law 17 Legal Writing 3
Law 18 Marriage and Family Law 3
Law 19 Property and Creditor Rights 3
Law 20 Basic Probate Procedure 3
Law 34 Legal Research Lab 3


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