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Multimedia Course FAQ's

"Do I have to enroll in the entire block of courses?"

You do not have to take the entire block. You can take individual Multimedia classes. However, if you want to receive a Multimedia skills award or a degree, you will have to take the entire block for that skills certificate.

"Do I have to take a lab?"

If you are enrolled in a Multimedia class, you must also enroll in the 1-unit Multimedia lab class for access to the labs. These Labs are a way for you to also get help from our Tutors.

"Do I have to enroll in a lab if I have my own computer?"

Yes, you do. In this case, you can talk to the instructor and make specific arrangements. Think of the Labs as a collaborative working studio where you get help from amazing Tutors!

"How do I get an 'A' in lab?"

To achieve an A in lab you must acquire 30 hours of lab time over the course of the semester. Your time card must indicate the number of hours.

"What if I can't come to the scheduled lab time?"

That does not matter. You can come to the lab in your free time. You do not have to be in the lab during the time listed in the schedule. Check the posted lab hours after the first week of school to see when the lab hours fit into your schedule.

Spring 2016 - ((in Green))
PHOTO10 Intro to Digital Photo 0489 FRI Bunn  
MM 100 Photoshop/Illustrator 0465 WED Stage
MM110 Visual Communication FA16 online Lopez
MM 200 Digital Imaging/Photoshop 3381 MON Stage
MM 210 Digital Editing - After Effects 3382 TH Ramirez
MM 220 Illustration for Multimedia/Art FA16   Martin
MM 240 InDesign- Typography- Illustrator 0466 TUE Measures
MM 300 3D Design - MAYA 3383 MON Martin
MM 310 Flash Animation and Interactivity FA16   Ramirez
MM 320 Web Design /Dreamweaver CSS 0467 MON Stage
MM 340 Vector Graphics - FA16   Measures
MM 350 Adv. Web Design FA16   Stage
MM 400 Animation- iStop Motion FA16   Hood
MM 430 Maya - 3D Advanced 3384 MON Martin
MM 402 Animation - stop motion - 0468 TH Hood
MM 600 Script Writing FA16   Huynh
MM 610 Intro to Video Production 3805 TUE Huynh
MM 620 Audio using Audition 0473 SAT Winiemko
MM 630 Advanced Video Production 3385 TUE Huynh
MM 640 Video Post Production FA16   Huynh
MM 500 1 Unit Lab 0469 TBA Stage
MM 500 1 Unit Lab 0470 TBA Stage
MM 500 1 Unit Lab