Theatre Announces Associate Degree for Transfer, New Course and More!

Posted on: 1/22/2018


Spring is shaping up to be an exciting semester for Theatre. The department has announced their new Associate Degree for Transfer, the new Intro to Stage Craft (Theater 300) course, the 2018 Stage & Screen Fest and the highly anticipated return of Peter and the Starcatcher (March 15-24).

Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer in Theater Arts

The new Associate Degree for Transfer in Theater Arts is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts or a similar major at a CSU campus. Students completing this degree are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major. This degree will provide the student with a strong foundation in the discipline, as well as breadth of exposure to various areas included in this field.

Intro to Stage Craft Class (Theater 300)

This exciting new hands-on course, taught by Professor Aubree Lynn, is a survey of all the technical phases and aspects of play production, including scenery, props, lighting, sound, costumes, and stage management. The course will be held in our fully-equipped scene shop and theater, and students will participate behind the scenes in the spring theatre productions Peter and the Starcatcher and 2018 Stage & Screen Fest.

Check Out Our Spring Classes

Introduction to Acting
with Cristina Frias
THEATER 200 — M 8:50-12:00

Intermediate Acting
with Robert Cucuzza
THEATER 271 — T 1:50-5:00

Script Study
with Robert Cucuzza
THEATER 114 — T 1:50-5:00

Introduction to Theater
with Robert Cucuzza
THEATER 100 — T Th 10:35-12:00
THEATER 100 — online

Introduction to Stage Craft
with Aubree Lynn
THEATER 300 — M 5:50-10:00

2018 Stage & Screen Fest
Rehearsals and Performances I, II, III
with Robert Cucuzza
THEATER 291, 292, 293 — TBA
Students must audition or interview and be invited to join the course. Auditions and interviews will take place during the week of February 12.

Stage & Screen Fest 2018

The 2018 Stage & Screen Fest will feature new work created, produced and performed by a company of students who work under the direction and mentorship of Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts Robert Cucuzza and Adjunct Professor Aubree Lynn. Previous Stage & Screen Fests have included seven short plays by students, an excerpt from a new musical by Jon Patrick Walker, and a street dance performance by guest artist Boogie Frantick — all with dynamic video backgrounds.

Theatre is seeking actors, dancers, stage and production managers, musicians, and video, lighting, scenic, prop, and costume designers to bring the Stage & Screen Fest to life in our beautiful new theater. Auditions and interviews for all potential company members will be held in the first week of the Spring 2018 semester. If you would like to be a part of the 2018 festival, send an email to and check for updates.

Peter and the Starcatcher

The wildly successful production of Peter and the Starcatcher returns for eight more shows, March 15-24 to the L.A. Mission College Arts, Media and Performance Theater.

In this prequel to Peter Pan, Molly, an apprentice starcatcher, and three orphan boys take to the high seas with a trunk full of magical starstuff while pursued by the ruthless pirate Black Stache and his band of marauders. The chase leads to an island, where Molly learns what it means to grow up, Stache loses his hand, the lost boys take up residence, and an extraordinary orphan is christened “Peter,” the boy who refused to grow up.

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