Sheriffs Security Officers Save Man’s Life

Posted on: 10/7/2019


Campus Sheriffs Security Officers Save Man’s Life

Campus Sheriffs Security Officers Eric Lopez (pictured right) and Dominique Lewis-Williams (pictured left) saved the life of a man who was attending an event on campus on Saturday, September 21, according to paramedics who responded to the 911 call. The man, who was attending the “Senior Expo Fundraiser" had lost consciousness during the event.

Fernando Britto, a custodian supervisor from plant facilities spotted the man and called Campus Sheriffs to report the incident. Officers Lopez and Williams responded to the scene and immediately began conducting chest compressions for three minutes each, until an ambulance arrived.

Their actions kept the man alive while he was transported to the hospital, according to paramedics, who said if it wasn't for their immediate action, the man would not have survived.

“When I started working for this department, I wanted to help other people, and to know that my actions helped to save a man's life, it validates all the reasons why I started working in this field,” Officer Williams said.

"The training from the department was what helped manage the situation, and without a doubt I would do it again,” Officer Lopez said.

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