Art Students Get Prestigious Summer Residency

Posted on: 6/1/2020

 Anny Martinez
Anny Martinez 

The Arts, Media, and Performance (AMP) Department announced today LAMC's first recipients of the Ox-Bow School of Art Summer Residency Scholarship. Art majors Justin Ayala and Anny Martinez will receive fully funded scholarships to attend the prestigious artist residency and art school this summer.

This opportunity was created by Assistant Professor Adam Scott who received his Master of Fine Art degree from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, which is affiliated with Ox-Bow. The AMP Department at LAMC, partnering with SAIC and Ox-Bow, will continue to offer this amazing scholarship opportunity every summer to our art majors.

"Ox-Bow is an opportunity that means so many things as someone practicing art in the valley," Martinez said. "To me personally, it means connecting me to other artists and a new art community. It’s particularly important to me because the valleys art community needs more strength in my eyes and hopefully I can bring some of that back from Ox-Bow." 

Martinez talked about some of the challenges she faced this year.

"This year has been particularly interesting and different to say the least. The biggest struggle I personally had this year was not being able to partake in my practice with my peers at school. I really feel like we would have grown so much together this semester. Unfortunately we couldn’t do that because of the pandemic going on."

Martinez is an artist who works across different media including drawing, painting, fashion, and digital media. She takes inspirations from her immediate neighborhood and community and the deep narratives that weave the two together. Whether she is painting on canvas, on the body, or on digital photographs, her visions are intense, unflinching, and visually rich. She will be graduating this year and attending Cal State University Northridge in the fall.

A painting by Anny Martinez

Ayala is an artist who works primarily in painting, drawing, sculpture and video.  His paintings, drawings, sculpture, and videos draw their content and forms from his love of Surrealism, DADA, and his own private dreams and conflicts. 

Besides having an encyclopedic knowledge of art history, Ayala is a rising force in the San Fernando art scene. He and his AMP peers are forming the 308 Group, and artist run collective that will be a game changer in the San Fernando Valley art scene. 

 Justin Ayala
Justin Ayala 

"The opportunity to go to ox-bow for me is kind of a way for me to prove to myself that all my hard work over the years is in fact paying off," Ayala said. "Many times, as an artist I begin to feel like I'm in a static position with only small steps towards a goal taking place, however, this opportunity feels more like a leap."

Ayala said being an artist can be financially challenging.

"One thing that I have struggled with this year has been with finding work. Last year I quit my job at a car wash so that I can focus more of my time on making art, I thought that I would have some constant monetary flow but that’s not the case. Its much more separated where I might be getting one large commission per month. I am still focusing my attention to getting art related jobs."

A painting by Justin Ayala 

Professor Scott said Ox-Bow offers a wide range of opportunities for artists at all stages in their career. With year-round programs that cater to degree-seeking students, professional artists and those new to the field, Ox-Bow is a protected place where creative processes break down, reform, and mature.

He describes Ox-Bow as an experience. Through its affiliation with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ox-Bow offers one- and two-week courses for credit and noncredit for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Ox-Bow’s courses are diverse, ranging in focus from the functional to the sculptural; from traditional to contemporary; and from representational to conceptual. It is the synthesis of this diverse range of studio practices, and the artists who come to engage with them, that offers the diversity of opinion, viewpoint, and discussion that makes the Ox-Bow experience so rich.

For more information about this program, email Professor Scott

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