Faculty Donate $2,000 to ASO Fund for Students in Need

Posted on: 6/3/2020


Faculty Contribute $2,000 to ASO Fund for Students

The faculty at Los Angeles Mission College have come together to raise funds to contribute to the Associated Student Organization scholarship for students in need.

ASO recently launched a scholarship that provides financial assistance to students in need of food and help paying for home utilities.

In response to that scholarship, the Academic Senate began accepting donations from faculty at their May 7, 2020 meeting "to assist in this valiant initiative," said Professor Josh Wentz, DMA, who is the senate treasurer. 

He says some have even set up continual monthly contributions.

"The $2,000 we gifted today will be used for the next fiscal year," Wentz said. "ASO already gave $10,000 to students in need during the current fiscal year. Our goal is to match that by raising $8,000 more for the 2020-2021 academic year."

Faculty can make a one-time donation, or elect to make a recurring monthly donation by visiting the Academic Senate website at http://lamission.edu/Academic-Senate/Home.aspx and clicking the "Donate" button.

"As a faculty member, I feel incredibly grateful to have job security and be able to continue teaching," Wentz said. "However, our students are not always so fortunate. Many are faced with tremendous barriers inhibiting their student success. If I can help feed just a few students for a week, I feel like they will be a little more likely to stick with it and succeed in school."

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