Thursday, December 4, 2003


Present:  Vilma Bernal, John Cantley, Cecilia Chan, Michael Climo, Cindy Cooper, Roxann Dalrymple, Rudolph De La Torre, Chuck Dirks*, Angela Echeverri, Fay Epps, Gloria Estrada, Bill Farmer, Pat Flood, Leslie Foster*, Sherrill Frank*, Tricia Johnson, David Jordan, Joanne Kalter-Flink, John Klitsner, Paul Kubicki, Alice Lal, Sandi Lampert*, Ralph La Rosa, Margie Long, Abdo Malki, Lorraine Manoogian, Leslie Milke, John Morales, Dale Newman, Alex Nikolaychuk, Vickie Oddino*, John Orozco*, David Pardess,  Gary Prostak, Richard Rains*, Mike Reynolds*, Phoebe Rivera, Suzanne Ritcheson, Janice Silver*, Rick Scuderi*, Bob Smazenka,* Sonia Soto-Bair, Sandy Thomsen, Gwen Walker, Joyce Woodmansee*, Ludi Vallegas, Alex Yguado
    *Senators Present
Senators Absent:  None


The meeting was called to order by Leslie Milke, Senate President, at 1:38 p.m.

It was M/S/P (Soto-Bair/Foster) to approve the minutes of November 6, 2003. 

3.      TREASURER’S REPORT – Margie Long

Faculty Association (checking)......................... $1,468.00
     (Including $400 Faculty Scholarship holding)
David Lee-Moss Memorial Scholarship........... $1,010.35

Carla Bowman Scholarship..............................      100.86 ($25,000.00 CD)
Margie asked how could she contact 752.00 in account someone about the account.  Mari gave a couple of suggestions.  She will give names at Pierce College to Margie. 



a.       Consultation with the President. Leslie said that her last consultation with the President was about our savings plan at the college was sent down to the district and we were the only college that had a perfect rating; we were the only college.  Our savings plan is working and we are on target.  The challenge is where are we going to go for our savings plan next year.  AQMD survey every single faculty member must fill out and it is extremely important including the adjuncts.  All must be turned in.  Classified and student workers.  They are coming out on Monday.  This is the week that is being surveyed.  Return to chairs as soon as fill out.  Tuesday Dec 9 is an information meeting about the improvements for El Cariso Park for the community.  7:00 cc.  The technology consultant is coming next week and chairs yesterday signed up for times.  Important that we go to and give him feedback.  Including classified.  Accreditation midterm report is just about complete.  It is due in March.  People from the previous steering committee have been meeting.  Most people who were involved in doing it have looked at it.  It will be available on line.  The new schedule is starting up for the next accreditation.  Need a new faculty member to work on it for the next one.  The next one will include the new standards.  As solon as the report is ready will send out my e-mail.  Barbato asked about the Master Ed plan.  Leslie will ask Bill about because it holds up other plans. 

b.      Senior Leadership Meeting. Gwen Walker 2003-4 winter projections will just be offering basic skills.  Dale has requested money for tutoring from administration 1,000.  Milke the projected time for construction on our parking lot is the fall in 2004.  There will be two offsite locations for parking and students will need to shuttle.  It will take at least two semesters for it to be built.  Structure for 1,000 cars.




a.       Assessment and Planning.  Guadalupe Jara reported. Met two weeks ago and established priorities and two-track process for requests over base. 

b.      College Council.  Leslie Milke reported that there were no action items past since last cc meeting.  Next meeting in 2 weeks.

c.       Curriculum.  Leslie Foster distributed a copy of the Curriculum Accomplishments in 2002-2003.  As of January will only be taking new PNCR, which is on the LAMC web site; there are also guidelines for how to use it.  New form effective. January.  had a workshop last May about it.  It is actually easier.  Be sure to use Bloom’s taxonomy objective for every topic on your course.  

d.      Diversity.  Gary Prostak  no report

e.       District Senate Report.  Dale Newman said the 2nd general meeting will be next Thurs at Trade Tech. 

f.        EPAC.  Sonia Soto-Bair reported that EPAC   China is very interested in our programs.  It will be further discussed at the District. 

g.       Hiring.  Dale Newman.  No report

h.       Institutional Effectiveness.  Mark Pursley the IE he noticed the G.E outcomes were approved by the curriculum committee.  This will be one of the processes that will be part of accreditation.  Les commended this committee and cur for helping with.  Have to have in place the next accreditation.   The next step is that they will be discipline specific.  April 23 Mary Lee will be on campus to help us get our district specific student outcomes done.  Reynolds/Walker moved to approved the General Education outcomes.  Unanimous

i.         Resource Analysis.  Angela Echeverri distributed a handout on the Analysis of TTIP funds as of 11/19 on TTIP Expenditures that are fixed and the TTIP funds available (end of FY 2002-03.  The money is being reduced; however, we had some funds in the past, which we had not used.  There were a series of recently approved expenditures that come out of TTIP, writing lab, ESL/Speech, Math, CAOT, Multimedia (old requests that came in over a year ago).  Totaled $61,000.  The contract with the technology ? 57,000.  have to take into account fixed expenditures for next year, which will also have to be taken out of these funds.  No TTIP new funds.  Angela spoke with president about consultant and as a result the con with report directly to her.  Barbato said the con has agreed to come and work for free because the board has not been able to approve yet.  Etudes AA has requested about $600.000.  Next meeting is next Thursday.

j.        Staff Development .  David Jordan thanked Margie for doing a great presentation of how to give a speech and he thanked mark Pursely for his presentation on the Quests for Historical Jesus.  In Feb. will circ a paper and ask people to sign up for presentations.  Combined with culinary.  Today had a training in the LRC on cc mail.  He will feels it is an urgent need to switch over to Outlook.  Has been losing time on the Internet because it is only running at about 10%.  Would appreciate if faculty would be notified when there is a problem with the Internet.  Maria Fenyes said that the past weekend the system was shut down.  The system was down the entire weekend.  Kubicki said it could be maintenance.  We should know.  Leslie said she would send a request to Richard Arvizu to let us know when it does down.  There will be training on Friday on Etudes.  Let her know if you cannot attend.  The holiday party will be this next Wednesday $10 if pay in advance; $15 at the door.  Keeping a list and will give a ticket.  Will have music and good food.  Cindy Cooper will do a presentation in February on exercise myths.  11:30-1:30 in CC.  ASO does a collection of toys and clothes, blankets. 



a.         Block Grant Fund Subcommittee Report.  Maria Fenyes said the block grant fund has been completed in less than 3 weeks.  She gave a list of the distribution of funds.  $202,378 total requests.  Maria is working on the list summarizing the items that have been approved.  Copy will go to to chairs, online copy to Richard Arvizu and one copy to Martha.  Complete a PO for each item and just write block grant.  Forward Purchase order to Martha Soto and then it should go to Karina in the Business Office. 

b.         Senate Office Election Results.  Dale Newman announced the election results which were distributed earlier.  The next item need to deal with com membership.  A memo will be sent out


a.   Course Waiver and Substitution Policy.  Rick Scuderi  we have a committee—academic exceptions com.  But need a procedure before they go to that committee.  JoAnn and he are working on. 



The meeting was adjourned at. 3:00 p.m.


Pat Flood, Secretary