Thursday, November 6, 2003


Present:  Donna Ayres, Louise Barbato, Vilma Bernal, John Cantley*,  Michael Climo*, Cindy Cooper, Roxann Dalrymple, Chuck Dirks*, Angela Echeverri, Terry English, Fay Epps, Maria Fenyes,  Pat Flood*, Ruthie Grant, Leslie Foster*, Guadalupe Jara, Tricia Johnson, David Jordan, Joanne Kalter-Flink, John Klitsner, Sandi Lampert*,  Margie Long*, Lorraine Manoogian, Leslie Milke*, Dale Newman*, Alex Nikolaychuk, Vickie Oddino*, Gary Prostak, Mark Pursley, Richard Rains*, Mike Reynolds*, Suzanne Ritcheson, Janice Silver*, Rick Scuderi*, Geri Shapiro, Bob Smazenka*, Sonia Soto-Bair, Sandy Thomsen, Gwen Walker*, *Debby Wong
    *Voting Members

Senators/Officers Absent:  Joyce Woodmansee, John Orozco, Sherrill Frank


The meeting was called to order by Leslie Milke, Senate President, at 1:40 p.m.

The following corrections were made:  (1) Page 4, VI D, under Curriculum, the third line should read “The new procedure, she informed us, was for courses after they have been submitted to the curriculum committee to be put on the web site instead of making hard copies.” (2) Page 5, VI I. under Institutional Effectiveness, the first line should read “Mark Pursley announced that he had been elected chair of the committee.”  It was M/S/P (Oddino/Long) to approve the minutes of October 2, 2003. 

3.      TREASURER’S REPORT – Margie Long

Faculty Association (checking)...................... $    978.00
     (Including $400 Faculty Scholarship holding)
David Lee-Moss Memorial Scholarship........ $   761.93

Carla Bowman Scholarship........................... $3,555.36 ($25,000.00 CD)
Margie Long said that only 15 people have paid their annual Senate dues of $25.   Checks can be made out to the Faculty Senate and given to Margie.


Vickie Oddino thanked everyone for their support for the Juvenile Diabetes Association.  They raised over $14,000. 


Sandi Lampert reminded us that the annual Walk of Ages will be held on December 7 and she encouraged people to walk and/or to sign up for sponsorships. 



a.       Consultation with the President.  Leslie said that the Senate had received a response from the president to the motion presented at the last month’s Senate meeting for block grants funds.  Leslie said that the President approves of the motion as long as it follows the planning process, and she will leave it up to the Senate to determine how to allocate the funds. Leslie recommended that the motion be referred to the Council of Instruction or a subcommittee of the chairs so that faculty can request money for instructional purposes through block grant money.  After some discussion, it was decided that an emergency subcommittee would be formed.  Bob Smazenka, Louise Barbato, Maria Fenyes, Leslie Milke, Sandy Thomsen, and Angela Echeverri volunteered to be on the committee.  It was suggested that $260,000 of the Block Grant Funds be put into Academic Affairs for this purpose.  They will meet next week.

b.      Leadership Meeting.  Gwen Walker said that at the last Leadership meeting that the monthly budget report was discussed and the budget is balanced with about a $12,000 credit.  Gwen also said that the Student Services November activities were presented by Jose Luis Ramirez and these will be posted.  Gwen mentioned that the “Campus Response Violence Team” was established and the first meeting was held at the District Office.  There is a need for more faculty involvement.  The team will mentor students that were involved in a violent act (specifically women.)  The International business grant from Ed Zayas’ office was approved by this committee.  Call Ed Zayas for more information. 


a.       Resource Analysis.  Angela Echeverri reported that RAC Committee will meet next Thursday, November 13, at 1:30 in the CC.  Angeles said that at the last  emergency College Council meeting, they approved the hiring of a consultant to implement the technology plan.  The cost will be about $45,000.  She mentioned that there had been some concern about the process because the proposal had gone directly to the College Council without going through the Resource Analysis Committee first.  Angela stated that it is imperative that TTIP funds be identified and how they can be used before deciding how to use them.  Bob Smazenka said he has been working with the consultant for a long time and Bob mentioned three areas that the consultant will address:  (1) He will help establish a technology committee that will have direct responsibility for technology on campus.  2.) He will design a plan for replacing faculty computers and for helping to update faculty on hardware and software. (3) The consultant will examine the LRC and other computer labs to help determine our needs.  Bob expressed confidence in the allocation of money for this purpose. He mentioned that he will send out a copy of the technology plan to anyone who sends him a request by e-mail.  Discussed ensued.  Angela added that she will meet with RA to see if there are funds to implement the plan.  

b.      Assessment and Planning.  Lupe Jara, Chair of A&P, said the committee received the technology plan only the day before their last meeting.  She discussed some of their concerns such as the evaluation plan and A and D compliance.  Bob Smazenka said there would be a measurable evaluation because the consultant has determined specific measurable outcomes for the process. 

Maria Fenyes said that the membership for college committees should be set.  She mentioned that at the last College Council meeting there were 14 people and only 3 were faculty. 

c.       College Council.  Leslie Milke said that at College Council they had discussed the Technology Plan and ultimately it was approved.  She added that College Advancement has put together a new policy for posting printed materials.  There will be a specific area in each building for posting of materials.  Materials stuck on walls and doors with tape as they have been done in the past will be removed.  We will also be getting a new bulletin board for the free speech area for students. 

d.      Curriculum.  Leslie Foster reported that the Curriculum Committee is without a secretary as Sharon Simpson is on medical leave.  She stated that the new district PNCR will be required for new courses and updating older courses.  The form is available on the Web site.  She also stated that a minimum of 8 objectives and 8 exit skills are required for articulation.  She distributed a handout on Spring Curriculum deadlines.  The final deadline for all courses for the summer and Fall 2004 Schedule of Classes including District and State Approvals (if applicable) is February 9, 2004;  the final deadline for all courses for the Spring 2005 Schedule of Classes including District and State Approvals is August 30, 2004.  Sandy Thomsen held up a library information sheet to assist with obtaining library information from home for the library section of the PNCR form.

e.       Diversity.  No report

f.        District Senate Report.  Dale Newman said had summit on October 10.  Maximizing student learning.  E55 breakout.  Student Success.  Mona Field spoke at lunch and we were joined by the college presidents.  First regular DAS meeting final version of E%% passed with a close margin.  Student grievance change.  Trustee resolution passed.  Established a location Dec 11 Trade, March 11 at Southwest and May 13 at Valley College.  DAS exec board chancellors   Program discontinuance.  Some discussion on getting around lottery system on impacted programs.  Experimental courses were given numbers instead of 99’s.  Leon will check into.  Executive committee met on October. 23 and solidified topics for conversation.  Major concern of establishing minimum qualification for areas.  Talked about area C meeting that took place at Citrus College.  

g.       EPAC.  Sonia Soto-Bair (No report) 

h.       Hiring. Dale Newman (No report)

i.         Institutional Effectiveness. Mark Pursley said the IE committee met on Thursday, October 23.  Discussion continued on Student Learning Outcomes.  A final draft was agreed on.  The document will be presented to the Curriculum Committee for review.  He distributed a copy of General Education and Student Learning Outcomes.  John Cantley elaborated on.  Looking at how well does your discipline or program contribute to the general education of the student.  Would not necessarily have all of the items listed on the handout.  Tried to write so that vocational technology and academic program could be used. 

j.        Staff Development.  David Jordan said on November 17 at noon Donna Ayres will present using journals and databases for information and library literacy.  On November 19 Margie Long will give a speech on how to give a speech.  On December 3 Mark Pursley will present a seminar (?) on the Request for the Historical Jesus.  David also announced that on December 4 Staff Development will have a training session in the LRC on CC mail and class roster tips.  Student telephone numbers and addresses can be obtained for students in your classes from the Internet.  The tentative date for the Holiday Party is December 10. 



a.   Constitution Change Voting Results.  Dale Newman announced that both constitutional changes passed.  Dale said that everyone should have received the nomination forms for the Senate officers and they are due by Wednesday November 12.  On Wednesday afternoon she will print up a list of all the nominations and will post them in the Faculty Lounge.  Elections will take placed the following week on November 18 and 19 in the LRC from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

b.   Upcoming Election for Senate Offices see above. 


a.    Conference and Tuition Reimbursement. Gwen Walker distributed a handout on business procedures for conference procedures.  Gwen said the committee is now called the professional growth committee.  Gwen went over the procedures detailed on the form.  One item that is new is that either the Department Chair or Vice Chair have to sign off for approval of conference attendance.  Ultimately it goes to the District Office for payment.  Now keep a list of all people who attend conferences.  For professional growth on back is listed steps for tuition reimbursement.  Keep track of days, if go over, will not be paid?  MF what is new is that an administrator does not sign, committee approves.  Committee elects chair who is not necessarily an administrator.  Tuition reimbursement 50% until funds are depleted.  We receive a total amount of money and 65% conference attendance and 35% tuition reimbursement.  MF suggested money earmarked for reimbursement could be moved to conference attendance if they are not likely to be used. 

b.      Resolution.  Gwen Walker last senate meeting there was a motion.  A lot of senate positions have been reduced to class.  Let motion read that there we do understand that there is .  Wanted to bring motion to senate so can vote on.  It is on the back of the agenda.  Gwen briefly gave background on.  Send motion to Leslie.  It was agreed by consensus. 


Maria said new tax shelter agreed on by the District.  TIAA/CREF will set up a workshop in one month last Tuesday of the month.  Classified and administrator may take advantage of.  Instead of the regular AFT meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at. 2:54 p.m.


Pat Flood, Secretary