Thursday, October 2, 2003


Present: Dale Newman*, Leslie Milke*, Mark Pursley, Abdo Malki, Donna Ayers, Sandy Thomsen, Janice Silver*, Rick Scuderi*, Cecilia Chlu-Ru Chan, Gary Prostak, Ruthie Grant, Tricia Johnson, Leslie Foster*, Mike Reynolds*, Suzanne Ritcheson, Geri Shapiro, Roxann Dalrymple, Lilamani de Silva, Alice Lal, Sandi Lampert*, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Sonia Soto-Bair*, Angela Echeverri, Paul Kubicki, Vickie Oddino*, Cindy Cooper, Ralph LaRosa, Louise Barbato, Chuck Dirks*, Terri English, Joyce Woodmansee*, Gwen Walker*, Richard Rains*, Lorraine Manoogian, Maria Fenyes

Guests: Ed Zayas, Martha Soto

Senators/Officers Absent: John Cantley, Michael Climo, Pat Flood, Margie Long, Bob Smazenka, Sherrill Frank

* Voting Members


I.                   CALL TO ORDER

President Milke called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m. She then asked that item VIIIA be moved to the position immediately following Public Address. As there was no objection, the agenda was amended.


II.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES

The following corrections were made.

A.        In the third paragraph under Public Address, President Barrera said that our (delete bookstore) culinary food service and community services extension...

B.         In the next sentence, President Barrera said that (delete "we were also the" and add "our community services extension was") the largest producer of income in the district as well.

C.        In number 7 B—change Child Development to Child Development Center faculty.

It was M/S/P (Milke/Foster) to approve the minutes of September 4, 2003 as corrected.



President Milke informed the group that Margie Long was unable to attend the meeting. She asked Milke to remind everyone that his or her $20 dollar dues need to be paid for this year. The check can be made out to "Faculty Senate." Leslie Foster pointed out that we had discussed raising the dues to $25 per year. At this point it was decided to keep the dues at $20 for this year, but to raise them to $25 for next year.


IV.              PUBLIC ADDRESS

A.  Vickie Oddino spoke about the Annual Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes.  She thanked us for our support in the past and asked for our support again this year. The team is called "Emily O's Cheerios."  Last year eighty people participated and raised $15,000.  This year the event will take place in Santa Monica on Sunday October 26. She passed around some literature and an envelope for donations.


B.     Sandi Lampert announced that on December 7 there would be a Jewish Home Walk of Ages. She asked for our support either through volunteering to walk or through making donations.


C.     Chuck Dirks addressed the group about the Mobilization Campaign--we must act now to save the future of our students. He thanked those faculty who turned in lists of students who were not able to get the classes they wanted. These lists were shared with state legislators. Although many faculty had already volunteered to help, he circulated a list for more volunteers. The Board of Trustees asked all the colleges to register as many new voters as possible. So far Mission has registered 2,500, which is more than any other LACCD campus. Finally he told us to prepare for the big campaign in the Spring to get the community colleges their fair share of Prop 98 monies.


D.     President Milke thanked Dirks for arranging for a cake and some light refreshments. There were also flowers and a card for Dale Newman's XXth birthday.



A.  President Milke reported that there was no consultation with the President since our last meeting. She announced that the Student Learning Outcomes Conference was scheduled for October 24 at City College. Dean Soto informed us that we had the maximum number of representatives registered. Milke added that if anyone else were interested, they could speak to Vice President of Academic Affairs, Bill Farmer, about replacing anyone unable to attend. Milke then shared that she had spoken with Vice President of Student Services, Jose Luis Ramirez, about the issue of admission of minor students under the age of 14. He asked for faculty senate representatives for the committee to organize a campus policy.  Cindy Cooper and Ruthie Grant volunteered and were appointed. Congratulations to psychology professor Patricia Johnson who is now an official Doctor of Psychology.


B.   Leadership—Gwen Walker reported that plans were being made for the Board of Trustees meeting at Mission on 0ctober 22.  There will be presentations highlighting our natural sciences and multi-media programs along with our Associated Student Organization and out AFT Mobilization Campaign.



A.  Resource Analysis— Angela Echeverri passed out a handout and showed overhead slides with information on block grants and instructional equipment for Mission and information on restricted general fund programs for the District. She called our attention to a few categories of money where funds were still available:  (1) one-time block grant funds ($552,000)--Mission has the highest balance in the District and (2) on-going block grant funds, which still have a small balance and to which Mission will receive $149,000 this year. These funds can be used for computers, software, books, models, overhead projectors, etc. Echeverri did some research and, as a result, she believes that some departments have not received money from these grants in years. This year $75,000 of block grant money was used to offset the decrease in supply money and the College President has indicated that she would need more, but has not yet made a request. Sandi Lampert asked if VTEA disciplines were also eligible for this. Echeverri assured her that they were eligible to use these funds. At this point, Chuck Dirks presented the following resolution.

Whereas the faculty just recently became aware of the availability of half a million dollars in one-time block grant funds specifically earmarked for instructional equipment

Whereas these badly needed funds have been available but mostly unused since 2000

It was M/S/P (Dirks/Oddino)

That for the sake of timelines, equity, and fairness and to meet current critical needs in all instructional areas,

That it be resolved that all 13 departments as well as the library, learning center, counseling, plus the combined group with DSPS and the child development center each be immediately allocated $10,000 for discretionary use within block grant guidelines utilizing the appropriate purchase order process.


B.   Assessment and Planning—President Milke reported that the committee met on the third Wednesday of the month. At the first meeting elections were held and the following new officers chosen: (1) Guadalupe Jara, Chair; (2) Gary Prostak, Vice-Chair; and (3) Maria Bates, Recorder. There was some concern over the chair not being a regular faculty member. Milke said she would bring this concern to the next meeting. Milke then reported that the committee discussed the need to get a process to determine adequate base funding for all programs and departments. They also discussed ways to streamline the request for funding over base proposals.


C.  College Council—President Milke informed the group that Acting Vice President of Administrative Services, Richard Arvizu, was soliciting volunteers for the emergency response team.  If anyone is interested, they need to contact him. Training will take place in January during the intercession. Next, Milke announced that the Campus Improvement faculty representatives were Suzanne Ritcheson and Saeed Pazendari. Some other items discussed were prioritizing prop A projects and issues about how work-study students were assigned to areas.


D.  Curriculum— Leslie Foster reported that a handout on articulation would be in mailboxes as well as on the curriculum web site. The new procedure, she informed us, was for courses submitted to the curriculum committee to be put on the web site instead of making hard copies. She added that the new course forms now require textbook dates not just edition numbers. For those faculty with new courses to submit, Sandy Thomson will be out the 9th and 10th. Please get forms to her before that.


            E.   Diversity— Gary Prostak reported the following:

1.      In October we recognize "Disabilities Awareness Month" and "Hispanic Heritage Month." (They are looking for the banners to be hung in the Instructional Building.)

2.      On Thursday, October 23, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Mr. Dino Koutsolioutsos of Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena will give a presentation on gender and race-based oppression. Details and fliers will be placed in campus mailboxes.

3.      The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 9, at 1:00 p.m. in the Plant Facilities Conference Room.


      F. District Senate Report—Dale Newman reported the following:

1.      Stacey McMullen, Student Trustee, addressed the DAS Executive Committee on prices of textbooks—Trustee McMullen explained the negative impact that ever-increasing textbook prices have on students. She reported that the LACCD Student Affairs Committee had passed a resolution asking state and federal lawmakers to investigate the situation. She asked the DAS to endorse the resolution. Although there was some concern over some of the “Whereas” statements, there was agreement with the “Resolved.”

Resolved, that the students of the Los Angeles Community College District hereby take an affirmative position in strongly requesting state and federal lawmakers to investigate publishers' practices that inflate the cost of textbooks and thus the cost of an education for millions of citizens in the state of California and the nation.

In addition, the resolution statement will be on the agenda for the DAS general meeting in October. Senate presidents offered also to take the statement to local senates for support. McMullen volunteered to visit local senates to personally ask for support for the resolution.

After a brief discussion it was M/S/P (Walker/Scuderi) that the LA Mission Senate endorse the above resolution statement.

2.      Don Sparks, AFT, addressed the Executive Committee on developing some guidelines/criteria for adding possible new certificate differentials to the contract—He wanted input to the personnel guide B308. Sparks also recommended a task force to work on aligning the top codes with disciplines both locally and at the state level. Kathy Bimmer from City College and Beverly Shue from Harbor College volunteered.

3.      The future dates for "Academically Speaking" the District Senate publication,         are December 1, 2003, February 23, 2004, and May 25, 2004.

4.      The finalized version of E55 (Student Grievance Process) would be put to a vote at the DAS general meeting on October 10. The two changes from the version we saw were:

a.         That in section 6b-1 (grievance committee composition) there be one student with a vote on the grievance committee.

b.                  Also, the example will be left off after the definition of Black’s Law definition of “bad faith.”

5.      Finally, the DAS now has a permanent clerical staff person—the office assistant whose position was eliminated at Southwest.


G.     EPAC—No Report


H.     Hiring—No Report


I.        Institutional Effectiveness—Mark Pursley announced the he had been elected chair of the committee along with Abdo Malki as vice-chair. At the September 25th meeting, the members discussed and reviewed the General Education Student Learning Outcomes developed last spring. The Written and Oral Communication, Information Competency, Problem Solving, Quantitative Reasoning, and Aesthetic Responsiveness outcomes were approved. The Ethics and Values and Global Awareness outcomes will be revised for the next meeting. When the outcomes are approved, they will be forwarded to the Academic Senate Curriculum Committee with the recommendation that course outlines address these outcomes. Several of the committee members will attend the District-sponsored workshop on student learning outcomes at LACC on October 24.


J.       Staff Development— David Jordan, reported that three combined lunches with culinary arts were planned so far. The cost is to be $8. Among the after lunch speakers are (1) Cindy Cooper who will speak on popular exercise myths, and (2) Mark Pursley who will inform us about the quest for the historical Jesus. Starting on December 10, Donna Ayers and Sandy Thomson will present faculty workshops along the same lines as the ones presented for students. Among the topics will be MLA. On October 9 at 3:30 p.m. There will be a meeting of the Technology Committee with the consultant who assisted in writing the proposed Mission technology plan. Once approved, the plan will be sent to Assessment and Planning and then to College Council. There will also be a request for an additional $50,000 contract for the consultant to assist the campus to form an oversight committee, implement the student services portion, and develop a policy for replacement computers. Jordan invited any interested people to attend the meeting. Finally he asked for assistance in communicating with acting Vice President Arvisu about using the T-Tip fund earmarked for training.




A.     Election Details—Dale Newman reported that everything was in place for the vote to amend the constitution as directed by this body last semester. Amendments to the constitution must be voted on by the entire regular and contract faculty. Ballots will be distributed through campus mail. The proposed dates for the vote are Tuesday, October 14, and Wednesday, October 15, from 9:00 to 7:00 in the LRC on the ground floor. The outcome of this vote will affect the way we elect senators in November. The outcome will also affect the terms of the officers elected. The proposed dates for the regular senate election are Tuesday, November 18, and Wednesday, November 19. The new officers and senators will take office directly after the fall 2003 semester. It was agreed, by consensus, to go forward with the proposed election dates.


B.     Network Access Details—President Milke reminded us that there was concern at the last senate meeting about faculty bringing in their own laptops and getting access to the network. This is working now. You need to do a Webstar to make sure your settings are correct. Currently this is only available in or close to the Collaborative Studies building.




A.  Title V—Deans Ed Zayas and Martha Soto addressed the body on the topic of the Title V grants the college would be applying for next semester. Zayas distributed a handout describing the parameters of the grant. He asked for faculty support in developing the document. In addition to input from all interested staff, they would like two official representatives from the AFT and the academic senate. Soto added that they would also seek two representatives from the staff guild. Immediate work needs to be done on conceptual development. Student learning outcomes may be considered. There will be a meeting on October 9. They are currently negotiating to get a consultant to aid with the document as the time line is short--it must be submitted by March. Weekly meetings will probably be necessary. Dale Newman and Gary Prostak volunteered. Sonia Soto-Bair volunteered to represent counseling.


B.     Louise Barbato pointed out that both John Beck (computer services) and

Terry Carter (audiovisual) were understaffed this semester and might be feeling abused by demands for services. She asked that we, the faculty, make a public statement that they are doing a good job and are appreciated. All present agreed. Good Job John and Terry!


C.     Gwen Walker expressed concern over non-certificated people filling positions that should be filled by certificated staff. Two examples were Upward Bound and Foreign Students and Veterans, where a classified employee supervises certificated staff. It was agreed that a small group would work on a resolution for the next senate meeting.




The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

Submitted by Dale Newman, acting secretary