Thursday, September 4, 2003


Present:  Donna Ayers, Louise Barbato, Vilma Bernal, Michael Climo, Cindy Cooper, Roxann Dalrymple, Lilamani de Silva, Chuck Dirks*, Angela Echeverri, Teresa English, Maria Fenyes, Pat Flood, Leslie Foster*, David Jordan, Joanne Kalter-Flink, John Klitsner, Paul Kubicki, Sandi Lampert*, Stan Levine, Abdo Malki, Lorraine Manoogian, Leslie Milke, Dale Newman, Alex Nikolaychuk, Vickie Oddino*, Mark Pursley, Gary Prostak, Richard Rains*, Rick Scuderi*, Bonnie Sherman, Janice Silver*,  Sonia Soto-Bair, Sandy Thomsen, Gwen Walker, Louie Zandalasini

    *Senators Present
Senators Absent:  Sherrill Frank, John Orozco, Mike Reynolds, Bob Smazenka, Joyce Woodmansee


The meeting was called to order by Leslie Milke, Senate President, at 1:40 p.m.

It was M/S/P (Newman/Silver) to approve the minutes of June 5, 2003.

Leslie Milke said that the amounts in the treasury were the same as last June.  Leslie reminded everyone that Faculty dues of $20 are due.  Checks should be written to the LAMC Faculty Senate.  These funds are used for scholarships. 

Faculty Association (checking)............. $1,326.65
     (Including $400 Faculty Scholarship holding)
David Lee-Moss Memorial Scholarship........... $1,010.35

Carla Bowman Scholarship..................      100.86 ($25,000 CD)


Sandy Lampert announced that the Jewish Home Walk of Ages, sponsored by Wells Fargo, will be December 7.  Sandi encouraged people to walk to support this worthy cause.  Sandi also mentioned that even if you cannot walk that day, you can help by sponsoring a walker.

Sandy Thomsen said that students really appreciate the books that faculty bring in for reserve. 

President Barrera welcomed everyone back.  She said that our bookstore, culinary food service, and community services extension were the only ones in the district that made money last year.  She said we were also the largest producer of income in the district as well.  Enrollment is down because we offered fewer sections (10-12% fewer), which translates to a 7% reduction in our FTES; however, we are about on target with regard to enrollment.  She felt this was the result of everyone’s willingness to work together, collaboration, and cooperative spirit.  She commented that all of LAMC’s full-time permanent employees are now funded by Program 100, not from PFE funds.  She added that LAMC will be developing an emergency plan and the training will take place this fall.  Dr. Barrera said Maury Pearl has developed a model to help track expenditures, and it will be sent to the Resource Analysis Committee.  She also said we are on track with land acquisitions and a public awareness presentation will be made regarding this.
John Klitsner said we are starting the second season of athletics and are now in the soccer season.  He said the schedules for the men’s and women’s soccer teams have been made and he distributed some schedules.  They are also on line.  He encouraged faculty to attend the games. 



a.   Call for Committee Members – Campus Improvement Projects.  Leslie said that 2-3 faculty members are needed to be on the Campus Improvement Project Committee responsible for prioritizing Proposition A money for campus improvement.  Leslie will send a sheet around for people to sign up if interested.  She also will e-mail a sign-up sheet for committees.

b.   Conference Attendance Procedures.  Gwen Walker said that the procedures for requesting money for conference attendance are completely different this year as each college is now responsible for the distribution of the money allocated to it.  Maria Fenyes added that the new procedures are spelled out in Article 29 of the Contract.  There are four people on the committee—one AFT representative, two senate representatives, and one administrator.  The chair of the committee is elected by the four people on the committee.  Requests for funds should be sent to Gwen Walker and she will take them to the committee.  Faculty/staff forms for applying for reimbursement are on the Web site.  It is strongly preferred that the forms be typed.  Gwen also stressed the importance of filling out a conference attendance form even if you are not requesting reimbursement as this is important for insurance purposes.  There is $7,451 in the conference account.  The allowance per person is $200.  The committee also manages money for tuition reimbursement, which is a separate account; Gwen said there is $4,000 in this account. 

c.   Educational Master Plan. Leslie said the school is trying to finish the Educational Master Plan by the end of this semester.  She commented that they have a lot of data; it just needs to be updated.  Leslie said she will send an e-mail about the next planning meeting as more members are needed on the committee.


a.       Resource Analysis.  Angela Echeverri distributed copies of a Resource Analysis Committee/District Budget Committee Update.  She mentioned that she had been appointed by the AFT to be an alternate representative on the District Budget Committee, and she attended the July 30 and August 13 DBC meetings.  Angela discussed some of the highlights of the handout:  (1) There has been a decrease in certificated and noncertificated salaries (Program 100 expenditures).  (2) There was a major reduction in the printing and supply accounts; consequently, the College Council approved a recommendation to use a portion of existing block grant funds ($150,000) to cover the gap in funds.  (3) LAMC received one transferring faculty member this fall.  The District Budget Committee approved a model for financing transfers at their 8/13/03 meeting.  Reimbursement is on a sliding scale; the first year 100% of salary and benefits are paid by the district contingency fund; the amount paid by the district will decrease by 33% each year until year 4 when the college will take over all costs of the transfer.  (4) The approved thirty computers and a projector for LRC 234 should be here shortly.  The computers will have rewritable disk drives and everyone will be able to use them.  They were paid for from TTIP money.  Angela said there is still over $600,000 in TTIP funds.  (5) Assessment and Planning have ranked last year’s Instructional Equipment requests and Resource Analysis will meet shortly to make funding recommendations.  Angela said there is still $450,000 – $500,000 in block grant money.

Louise Barbato said that Phoebe Rivera’s computer was stolen and they are looking into how to access contingency funds to replace it.  Leslie Milke said she will inform Bill Farmer and she will have him send the required form. 

Chuck Dirks encouraged all faculty to have their students fill out the AFT Mobilization action form left in faculty mailboxes and return the forms to the mailroom.  He also reminded faculty to encourage students to register to vote.  

b.      Assessment and Planning.  Leslie Milke reported that Assessment and Planning met to do rankings for requests for funds overbase submitted last year and sent the list to Resource Analysis to determine which ones qualify for block grant funds. 

c.       College Council.  Leslie Milke reported that the College Council discussed the Assessment and Planning rankings and the Facilities Master Plan.

d.      Curriculum.  Leslie Foster said that the Curriculum Committee is still in dire need of secretarial support.  She added that eight instructors turned in curriculum materials and did a great job.  

e.       Diversity.  No report  

f.        DAS.  Dale Newman said that the DAS met three times over the summer and the Executive committee voted to reduce the number of yearly meetings from six to four.  The first DAS meeting will be in conjunction with the State Senate Summit on October 10 at the Marina Del Rey Hotel.  Everyone is invited to attend.  There is a postcard in the new publication Academically Speaking to sign up and attend.  Academically speaking is also on the Web site at www.lamission.edu/das.  Dale also mentioned that the DAS has spent a considerable amount of time discussing E-55.

g.       EPAC.  No report

h.       Institutional Effectiveness. No report

i.         Staff Development.  David Jordan reported that over 125 people attended Flex Day on August 28 during the day and 30 adjunct attended the evening flex program.  David said that Cindy Cooper will be offering additional health training including exercises and stretching that can be done by everyone in the office, while at work, or at school.  Brown Bag Lunches (bring your own lunch) are being planned for this semester and a sign-up sheet was circulated for people who would like to give a presentation.  Presenters receive three hours of flex credit for each hour of presentation.  To promote information competency, Sandy Thomsen and Donna Ayers will be giving a presentation on how to use the library databases, search engines, etc.  David also said that if any faculty plan on attending any national conferences which are using televideo conferencing, to let him know so Staff Development can try to get them on video and arrange for a teleconference.  As part of the Technology Plan, the committee would like to develop awards, stipends, etc., for doing tech training, conferences, or creating materials for classes and putting them up on Etudes.  Sandi Lampert said that we do not need to send in a flex form for this fall’s mandatory flex day; everyone who attended will receive 6.5 flex hours of credit for the day.  She encouraged everyone to send in their flex forms as activities are completed.  She said that faculty receive credit for Senate attendance, department meetings, jury duty (check the Contract for how much), and committee assignments that are in addition to the required assignment.



a.       E-55 Revisions (Student Grievance Policy).  Leslie Milke said that during the summer there were some revisions to E-55.  The revisions were mailed to the senators and will be voted on at the DAS meeting in October.  Dale Newman summarized the changes.  The role of the grievance committee has been revised and the committee consists of fewer administrators and more faculty.  Also the college president is no longer included on the Appeals Committee. 

b.      Changes to the Constitution (Senate Membership).  The proposed changes to the Senate Constitution (See September 4 agenda) were discussed.  It was M/S/P (Scuderi/Echeverri) that DSP&S and Child Development be added as a 13th representative group from which senators are drawn.  A date will be set in October for the campus-wide vote regarding the changes in the constitution and a date in November will be set for the election of the senators and new executive board. 



a.   PACE Task Force Report.  Mark Pursley informed us that some colleges have abandoned their PACE program.  He said that the way PACE is defined in the new Contract is not the way most programs are functioning, so the committee suggested that we try to bring our pace program more in line with what the Contract stipulates.  The committee will make a recommendation to the Senate. 

b.   Audio Visual.  Louise Barbato commented that Audio Visual is overwhelmed.  Leslie Milke said the College Council will look into this.

c.   Bookstore.  Pat Flood mentioned the continual problem every semester of the bookstore not ordering enough textbooks resulting in problems for both students and instructors.  She will get together a subcommittee to look into this.  If you would like to be on this committee, please let her know.

d.   Network Access.  Mike Climo brought up the problem of accessing the network.  At present there is no wireless access in the new Collaborative Studies Building.  At other campuses faculty and students can plug in their computers to use the network.  Leslie Milke said she will discuss this issue with Bob Smazenka and the Technology Committee and will present a motion about it at the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.


Pat Flood, Secretary