Academic Senate Meeting

December 2, 2004

Voting Members Present: (Senators) Donna Ayers, Terri English, Maria Fenyes,

 Pat Flood, Leslie Foster, Clive Gordon, Paul Kubicki, Eloise Cantrell, Stan Levine,

Vickie Oddino, Gary Prostak, Janice Silver, Rick Scuderi, Charles Dirks, John Orozco

(Exec. Members) Angela Echeverri, Louise Barbato, Gwen Walker, Margie Long, Leslie Milke, Michael Climo, Dale Newman

Faculty Present: Deborah Paulson, Lorraine Manoogian, Said Pazirandeh, David Jordan,

Sonia Soto-Bair, Tricia Johnson, Mike Reynolds,  Cindy Cooper, Phoebe Rivera, Ralph LaRosa, John Klitzner, Lilamani De Silva, Myriam Mekelburg, Mark Pursley, Jeanne Cassara, Sandy Thomsen, Suzanne Ritcheson,  Ruthie Grant,  Joanne Kalter-Flink, Joyce Woodmansee, Sandi Lampert, Cecilia Chu-Ru Chan, June Wada, Alex Yguado, Sherrill Frank, Lucy Griesbach, Mari Rettke, Debby Wong, Carolyn Daly, Vilma Bernal, Geri Shapiro, Harlan Goldberg

Visitors Present:  Martha Soto, Dean of Academic Affairs, Bill Farmer, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Voting Members Absent: Roxanne Dalrymple


I.                     The meeting was called to order at 1:40 pm by Parliamentarian Gwen Walker. As there had been some question as to

 who had the right to speak at senate meetings, Gwen quoted from items 8 & 10 of the standing rules of our constitution.

   The order of precedence in privilege to speak shall be: Senators who have not spoken on the matter; other senators,

 faculty; invited guests.”Guests may attend sessions upon the invitation of senators who will introduce their guest

and inform them of their speaking privileges, including time limits.” She then asked if any senators wanted to introduce

 guests. There was no response.




III.                 Officer’s Reports                                                                                                                                                   

A.      President (Angela Echeverri):

1. Responses to LAMC Senate Motions (Approved 11/4/2004)

Motion # 1: The LAMC Academic Senate moves to establish an “instructional equipment committee” that will

operate under the auspices of the Academic Senate and the Council of Instruction.  The Committee shall be

 charged with the distribution of the 2004-05 instructional equipment funds to instructional departments.

 The instructional equipment committee shall be composed of at least five full time regular faculty members,

 three of whom shall be department chairs.  The committee shall be renewed every academic year.

Response from President Barrera:

In keeping with the practice established in 2003-04, the establishment of an Academic Senate committee in

 conjunction with the Council of Instruction to oversee the distribution of instructional equipment funds meets

 with my approval on the proviso that the committee include in its charge consideration of requests for a portion

 of the funds for instructional support.  I would include the Dean of Academic Affairs (in this case, Dr. Martha Soto)

 and the Vice President for Administrative Services to serve as resource staff for the committee.

Motion # 2: The LAMC Academic Senate moves to approve the challenge policy for pre-requisites, co-requisites

 and advisories developed by the Curriculum Committee in consultation with the Academic Senate.

Response from President Barrera: I certainly approve the development of a challenge process for pre-requisites,

 co-requisites, and advisories. 

2. Resource Analysis Committee Motion (Approved 11/10/2004)

The Resource Analysis Committee moves to set aside $120,000 out of program 10147 for an instructional equipment

 sub-committee established by the Academic Senate.

Response from President Barrera: I anticipate that this recommendation will be forwarded to the College Council

 and will support it at that time.

3. Instructional Equipment Subcommittee

Last year the committee members were: Leslie Milke, Dale Newman, Louise Barbato, Sandy Thomsen, Maria Fenyes,

 Bob Smazenka, and Angela Echeverri. This year the following individuals have requested to be on the committee

 so far: Sandy Thomsen, Pat Flood, Gwen Walker, Louise Barbato, Rick Scuderi, and Mari Rettke. ((At the request

 of Leslie Milke, a call for additional volunteers will be presented at the next Council of Instruction meeting.))

4. Spring Schedule of Classes

As of today, the Spring 2005 schedule of classes has not been published and is not posted. Students are asking faculty and staff when they will be able to register. Faculty are concerned about the effect on Spring 05 enrollment. I received the following response from Dr. Soto this morning: “Regarding the schedule of classes, I am hoping to have a PDF file on-line by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  We have now made all of the latest changes.  The chairs will have one last opportunity to look it over…As you may know, we begin the production of the schedule at the very beginning of each semester.  This is enough time if there are no problems.  Unfortunately, this was only the case once since I have been here.  In order to avoid delays like this in the future I'd like to move toward preparing the schedule one year in advance instead of one semester in advance.  What do you think?”

5. Follow-up on Prerequisites at Los Angeles Mission College (See attachment)

A spreadsheet containing LAMC courses with prerequisites and/or co requisites was e-mailed to all fulltime faculty

 on 10/28/04. Academic Affairs needs to verify whether prerequisites that were put in between Fall of 1994 and Fall

of 1998 should be enforced, and whether there are any errors on the spreadsheet. Please review all courses in your

disciplines carefully and notify Dr. Martha Soto, Leslie Foster, and Angela Echeverri immediately whether

 prerequisites put in between F94-F98 should be published and/or enforced or if any other changes need to be made.

6. Review of Shared Governance Committees

Meeting to review your assessment of the shared governance committees will take place on Tuesday, December 7, 2004,

at 3:00 p.m.  Meeting room T.B.A. 

7. Commencement Committee Meeting:

The Commencement Planning Committee will hold its first meeting on Wednesday December 8, at 1:00 PM in CC-1.

Please e-mail your suggestions for a keynote speaker to Debra Manning.

9. Board of Trustees Meeting at LAMC (November 2004)

Infrastructure Committee Meeting:  I relayed LAMC faculty concerns about cost overruns affecting the Child Development Building. Trustees Mona Field, Nancy Pearlman, and Georgia Mercer were present. Larry Eisenberg, noted that the LAMC Child Development building was the district "poster child" for cost overruns. There was a long discussion on the causes. The consensus was that most of the increases were due to overpriced bids by contractors in Southern California taking advantage of a market with $14 Billion in construction bonds. Possible solutions such as hiring nonprofit and out of state companies were discussed. I also stressed the importance of relying on faculty input and expertise when redesigns are made to meet budgetary constraints.

Paul Kubicki aired his concerns regarding shared governance at LAMC.

Louise Barbato addressed the committee about long overdue ESL and Biology labs.

D.A.S. President Leon Marzillier gave a presentation on how faculty input and shared governance are working in the implementation of Prop A and AA projects in the LACCD.

Follow-up: In response to faculty concerns, President Barrera is directing Luis Cruz to give updates at College Council, has invited union reps including Gary Prostak to attend monthly “Six-pack” meetings on facilities updates, and will be sending regular updates to faculty.

General Meeting: Gary Prostak and Mike Reynolds gave a Power Point presentation of the LAMC Educational Master Plan.

10. Hiring Committee for Vice President of Student Services

Committee members include: Rick Scuderi (AFT), Gwen Walker (Senate), Angela Echeverri (Senate), Fern Reisner,

Anafe Robinson, and Ed Pardo. The Committee met with Dr. Barrera on Tuesday, November 23rd to discuss a timeline

 and selection process. Interviews will probably take place in January. Hiring may not occur until the summer.

11. Appointment of Senate Executive Committee Representative to Curriculum Committee

Effective immediately, Louise Barbato will officially represent the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate

 on the Curriculum Committee.

B.       Treasurer  (Margie Long): Margie reported that there was $2,047.07 in the Faculty Association account, $653.76

        in the David Lee Moss Scholarship account, and $3,356.45 in the Carla Bowman Scholarship account.  

IV.                 Public Address:

A.      David Jordan announced that the holiday party would take place next Monday. He asked that people bring unwrapped

       toys, canned food, & clothing to donate to MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity).

B.       Leslie Milke congratulated Cindy Cooper on receiving tenure.

C.        Lucy Griesbach announced that the “Car-less Drive-in Film Festival” would take place next Monday.

D.      Maria Fenyes congratulated Said Pazirandeh on his tenure.

E.       Clive Gordon stated he believed that Faculty should stay together and united and support our senate president.

F.       Alex Yguado reported that our Winter schedule included ITV classes offered through City and Valley but not at

G.        Mission as well as Citizenship and non-credit ESL classes.  These listings detract from the credit classes offered

H.      here at Mission. He suggested that ITV have its own schedule.


V.                  Old Business 

A.      Procedure to modify  instructional departments-

Procedure to Modify Instructional Departments at Los Angeles Mission College

(moving a discipline or a group of related disciplines from one department to another)



Some people felt they have not had it long enough. It was, however, presented last month and no suggestions were made

 to change it. It has been on the web page. The following vote was taken and the measure was passed. 18 yes, 1 no,

1 abstention. It will now go to the College President for her signature.


B.      Instructional Equipment sub-committee— This recommendation will go to the Council of Instruction to seek additional


C.       Educational Master Plan— Co-Chairs Gary Prostak and Mike Reynolds presented the document. CDs were passed out

       to all present and it was announced that the document was on the web page. Faculty were asked to review it and bring

      and suggestions to the senate for a vote in February. Suggestions need to be submitted by Jan 15.

VI.                New Business

A.      Use of CAOT Top codes for non-credit courses in other disciplines Apparently a Photo 10 class lab was offered

        with a CAOT TOP Code number. AS everyone should be aware of the possibility of this happening, the following

         resolution was presented and passed.  (MSC KUBIKI/OROZCO)

Whereas presently students in credit Photography 10 (section # 6146) are being enrolled in non-credit Vocational

 Education 178 (section # 5765) under the TOP CODE assigned to Computer Applications and Technologies (0514)

 in order to collect non-credit FTES for the lab portion of the Photography class,


Resolved that the Academic Senate call upon President Barrera to ensure that the Office of Academic Affairs observe

 the following criteria for offering non-credit courses (amended with) as of spring 2005 and in the future:

1.       Offer only those non-credit classes for which an approved non-credit course outline exists on record,

2.       Confirm that the subject matter being taught corresponds to the subject matter on the official course outline,

3.       Use the proper TOP CODE assigned to the discipline for each non-credit course offered, and

4.       Verify that the instructor of record is qualified to teach in the discipline in which the non-credit course is

5.        being offered.                                                                                                                                         


Department Chair Pat Flood stated that the use of the CAOT Top Code for the photo lab was an accident. They are going

 to submit a non-credit course outline to fix the situation for next semester.  Maria Fenyes then asked to amend the motion

with the following: “as of spring 2005 and in the future.” The vote was 16 yes, 0 no, 6 abstentions


VII.              Reports of Campus Committee Meetings

A.     Institutional Effectiveness:  Submitted By Mark Pursley on 12/1/04. The     Institutional Effectiveness Committee met on 11/11/04.  Members present:  Martha Soto; (administrator); Abdo Malki; David Garza;

 Deborah Paulsen; Donna Ayers; Mark Pursley; (faculty) Priscilla Dominguez; Romeo Gonzalez (students).

The committee met to review Unit Assessment forms prepared by John Cantley.  Since members of the committee had a number of questions about the forms and their relationship to accreditation standards, we decided to postpone the review until a meeting with Mr. Cantley could be scheduled.  This meeting will take place on Thursday 12/2 at 3:30 P.M. 

                                Next meeting:  Thursday, 11/11  12-2  CMPC 2

   B.    Resource Analysis:  Submitted by Angela C. Echeverri

The committee met on 11/10/04 and passed a motion regarding instructional equipment funds. The next meeting will be on 12/15/04 at 1:40 PM in PFCR.

C.                  Staff Dev Events: Dec. 2004 - Jan. 2004  Submitted by David Jordan, updated: 11-30-04.

1. Holiday Party - Celebrate Christmas, Hanukhah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Rekindling of the Chief Kiva Fire (distribution of its coals to all homes) (Hope & Zuni Soyala New Year) - December 6th, 11:30 - 1:30, $10 per person. Also bring an unwrapped toy, canned food, or clothing to donate to MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity).
2. Introduction to Using ETUDES Workshop - Join ITV and Staff Development, Friday, January 7th, 2005, 1 - 4 pm in LRC 234 to learn about use of etudes learning management system in your classroom. please bring a course syllabus, assignment instructions and a sample quiz. contact Lina Lin @
3. Using the LACCD On-Line Faculty System - Joint ITV and Staff Development, Weds. January 12th, 2005, 12 NOON - 1 pm, and Tuesday, January 18th, 2005, 7 - 8 pm in LRC 234 to learn the LACCD Faculty Services - Instructor System, Viewing and Downloading Your Student Roster, Exclude students from your class, and Assign grades to your students. contact: Lina Lin @

VIII.            Reports of Senate Committee Meetings

A.      Curriculum: (Leslie Foster) Foster reminded us that the deadline for any new Spring 2006 courses was April 8,

       and that any prerequisites for Fall or Spring 2006 need to be done by April 8 also.

B.       District Academic Senate: The DAS will hold its general meeting at LAMC on Thursday December 9th in the

        main room of the campus center. Lunch will be served at 12:30 PM, the meeting will start at 1:30 PM.

Action items include: Changes to the DAS By-Laws, Article III, Election of DAS Officers and decentralizing

 the Academic Rank Policy.

Information/Discussion Items: DAS Goals for 2004-05 Academic Year, Discussion of faculty input into academic

 and professional matters in the upcoming contract negotiations, Model policy regarding student cheating and

 plagiarism, ASCCC Fall Session and the AA degree requirements, Bond Steering Committee, Chancellor’s

consultation, and visit to cabinet.

C.       EPAC: Sonia Soto-Bair handed out the minutes of the November 30 EPAC meeting at Trade. TOP Code information

        was presented for discussion. There was a review of transcripts with plus or minus grades. They approve the policy

        to exceed the 15-unit limit on course repetition. Equivalency petitions were acted upon in Anthropology, Biology,

        Child Development, English, Math, and Accounting.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

Submitted by Dale Newman, Secretary