Minutes of February 12, 2004


Voting Members Present: (Senators) Donna Ayers, Charles Dirks, Terri English,

Maria Fenyes, Pat Flood, Leslie Foster, Clive Gordon, Paul Kubicki, Stan Levine,

Vickie Oddino, John Orozco, Gary Prostak, Rick Scuderi, Janice Silver

(Exec. Members) Angela Echeverri, Louise Barbato, Dale Newman, Gwen Walker,

Michael Climo, Roxanne Dalrymple-

Faculty and Guests Present: June Wada, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Debby Wong,

Rudy Orhmez, Carolyn Daly, Lilamam de Silva, Lorraine Manoogian,

Alex Nikolaychuk, Said Pazirandeh, Bonnie Sherman, Louis Zandalisini, Abdu Malki,

 David Jordan, Sonia Soto-Bair, Tricia Johnson, Ruthie Grant, Vilma Bernal-

Voting Members Absent: Eloise Cantrell, Margie Long, Leslie Milke-


President Echeverri called the meeting to order at 1:40 p.m.


I.                    Approval of Agenda: The agenda was approved with the moving of Old Business--Title V Director-- to directly after Public Address, and  the addition of  Paul Kubicki, Vilma Bernal, & Gwen Walker to Public Address.




III.               Introduction of New Senators: President Echeverri introduced the new senators and officers to the group.


IV.              Officers' Reports

A.     President: President Echeverri included several handouts with the agenda. She began her report with the following recommendation from the new executive committee.

1.      Distribution of senate 1.4 FTE reassigned time:

Senate president -                  0.4

Senate Vice President -         0.2

Senate Secretary -                 0.2

Curriculum Chair -                 0.4 (increased from 0.2 in Fall 2003)

Senate Parliamentarian -        0.1

Senate Treasurer -                 0.1

2.      Expenditure of District Senate Funds ($2,500.00)

Recommend spending $1,290.00 for student worker 10-hrs/wk

Send remaining funds (approximately $1,200.00) on printer, paper & other supplies for the senate office.



3.      Revision of Senate Constitution:

The executive committee will form an interim constitution committee to review and recommend long overdue changes to the senate constitution.

4.      Other Senate Committees:

a.       Membership needs to be established and revitalized for  all  senate committees by the end of the Spring semester.

b.      Call for volunteer/nominations for all senate committees  (academic rank, election, hiring, library, scholarship, etc.

5.      Committee Reports at Senate Meetings

Due to limited time and the large number of items to be discussed during senate meetings. Starting in March, committee reports must be submitted in writing by the previous Friday at 9:00 a.m. in order to be placed on the agenda. Written reports will be attached to the agenda.

6.      Use of Travel Funds for State Academic Senate (ASCCC) Leadership Training:

Recommend setting aside funds (approximately $1,000) from conference attendance budget to send the senate vice president or another representative of the executive committee to the ASCCC leadership training in June, 2004.

7.      Plaque for Outgoing Senate President, Leslie Milke

The treasurer will purchase a plaque, have it engraved, and the  senate president will present it to the out-going president at the March senate meeting.

                        B.         President Echeverri continued her report with the following topics:

1.      Status of Educational Master Plan:  She presented a list of member of the current committee and the disciplines they represented. She pointed out that there was lack of representation from English, math, and ESL.  Jan Silver pointed out that the group labeled Child Development included with DSPS was actually the Child Development Center.

         Echeverri presented the following challenges:

a.       Lack of representative faculty participation and involvement

b.      Need for coherent educational master plan for academic and facilities planning

c.       Discouragement over lack of progress and philosophical disagreements

d.   Need to collect data for environmental scanning

2.      Implementation of Technology Plan: President Echeverri and AFT Chapter President Fenyes were informed of the following when they met with Dr. Barrera, Bill Farmer, and Technology Consultant, Bill Brennan, on February 9.

a.  A preliminary proposal is being drafted by Brennan to restructure management of technology and computer services on campus:

-New Positions: Dean of technology (certificated) and secretary

-Three distinct areas of service:

-Network and Web Services

-Instructional Support

-Administrative Support Group

b.  ITAC Committee (Information Technology Advisory): New standing committee approved by College Council, which will make technology recommendations and decisions on campus. Composition of membership is under negotiation.

c.  Additional funding sources being considered to upgrade computers throughout the campus besides TTIP and Block Grant are bond money and grants such as the proposed Title V.

3.   Grant Writing Project at LAMC:

The budget crisis has fueled the rush to apply for sources of external funding.

Quality Control is an issue. Grants that directly impact academic programs must receive input and support from faculty members of the disciplines involved. Also, we need to develop policy that will balance institutional needs for extramural funding with the integrity of academic programs and standards.

4.      Update on Enforcement of Academic Prerequisite at LAMC

President Echeverri asked Counseling Chair, Gwen Walker, to update the group on prerequisite enforcement. Walker stated that in the Fall of 2003,  the Council of Instruction was informed that prerequisites listed in the course outlines on file would be enforced automatically beginning Fall 2004.

a.  If faculty would like to view the list of courses that have prerequisites, they should contact Michong Park in the counseling office. Faculty were reminded that Dr. Soto had distributed this list to department chairs in Spring 2003.

b.  Any updates or changes that faculty would like to make to the course prerequisites would need to be done through the curriculum process. Please contact Curriculum Chair, Leslie Foster, regarding the curriculum process. Curriculum Chair Foster then advised the group that the elimination of prerequisites could affect course articulation agreements.

c.  Walker went on to state that disciplines with prerequisites needed to come up with processes to challenge those prerequisites. AFT Chapter President Maria Fenyes added that while designing the processes was indeed part of the faculty job description, it was up to administration to administer the processes.


B.  Treasurer: There was no report as the treasurer was unable to attend.


C.  Parliamentarian: Gwen Walker reported on the Professional Growth Funds and Tuition Reimbursement Procedures. Since this process has changed from past procedures, she handed out a flow chart explaining each step. She also informed us that because  staff development funds were no longer available, the committee would like to increase the travel amount to $300.00 per faculty member. She explained that the extent to which the current funds would stretch, would also depend on the number of people that apply for tuition reimbursement. Any faculty member who wishes to be reimbursed for travel must fill out a conference request form (available on the website or from your department chair) and send it to Walker, the chair of the committee, prior to attending the conference.


V.                 Public Address

A.                 Paul Kubicki reported on union action taken to ensure that faculty teaching online courses were compensated for the work required switching from E-College to Etudes. He circulated copies of Article 40 from the AFT contract dealing with Distributive/Distance Learning. He asked that any faculty teaching online courses contact him with regard to this issue.


B.                 Vilma Bernal announced that there would be a foundation sponsored SPRINGFEST from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 17 in the Campus Center featuring fine wines, crafted beers, and culinary delights. The cost is to be $50 per person with proceeds going to the Mission College Foundation. Bernal circulated a flyer with more information.


C.                 Gwen Walker reported that she had recently found out that in addition to administrators, non-administrative personnel have also been serving as evening administrators on campus. This was done without  any consultation with faculty. The senate president and the AFT chapter president will check into this.


(VII)      Old Business agenda item moved- Title V Project Director Job Description: As a result of faculty concern over the qualifications of the position of director of the Title V grant for which the college is applying next month, the following resolution was passed. (MSU ODDINO/KUBICKI)






VI.              Reports of Committee Meetings

A.                 Assessment and Planning: No Report


B.                 College Council: No Report


C.                 Diversity: Gary Prostak made the following report:

1.     The committee met today (2/12/04) to finalize plans for Black History Month activities. Watch for flyers for these events:

a.         Luncheon: A Taste of Soul, Cafe 1016, $10, Wed, Feb 25, 2:00-1:30

b.         Singers, Poets, Historical Information, Campus Center, FREE,

Thurs, Feb 26--7:00-8:30 pm


c.         Documentary Screening of Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks"


2.         March is recognized as Women's History Month. The Diversity Committee, at Dr. Barrera's urging, is actively seeking input from all persons on campus as to events that can be held.

3.         March 31 is Cesar Chavez Day. The Diversity Committee is exploring ways to commemorate this man/day with appropriate events.

4.         Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from 1:30-2:30 in the PFCR. New members are always welcome. (The 2/19 meeting will be in CC4)


D.                 Institutional Effectiveness: No Report

E.                  Staff Development: David Jordan announced the following activities:

1.      Etudes Training - 6 Weds. at noon, 2/18, 2/25, 3/3,3/10,3/17, and 3/24

2.      Brown Bag Lunch - March 9 at 11:30 - Campus Center 4 - is "Restaurant     Confidential and Etiquette" by Brandy McKay

3.      Faculty Lunch Talks
a. Mike Reynolds - March 3 (Weds) - Culinary Arts Lab 1007 - noon - "My Trip to Ecuador, and Galapagos Islands" - with slide presentation and observations" -
b. Cindy Cooper - March 17 (Weds) - Culinary Arts Lab 1007 - noon - "Health and Exercise Myths"
c.   Rosalie Hilger - "Identity Theft" - April 14, 2004 - Culinary Arts Lab 1007 - noon
d.   Richard Rains - April 21 (Weds) - Culinary Arts Lab 1007 - noon - "The Spirit of Opportunity on Mars" - current and future exploration of our universe

4.      @ One training materials and downloads
training in word, excel, power point presentations, and Office
see materials at http://profj.us/etudes/@onedownloads.htm

5.      CCC Conferences
see http://www.cccconfer.org - live online participant training
meet and confer - CCC Confer enables communication and collaboration using the latest e-conferencing technology for all staff, faculty and administrators in the California Community Colleges system. Location is no longer a factor in deciding whether to collaborate and neither is group size. March 23, 2004 - 12 noon to 1:30 pm - LRC 234


F.      Resource Analysis: Angela Echeverri reported that that first meeting of the committee was scheduled for Thursday, February 19 at 1:30 p.m..





VII.           Reports of Senate Committee Meetings


A.                 Curriculum: Leslie Foster reported that the committee was making progress despite the lack of secretarial help. The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 17 at 1:30 in LRC 205. The removal of CSU and UC designation listed at the bottom of the course in the catalog will be on the agenda for discussion. Also she reminded us that everyone should now be using the new PNCR forms for both updates and new courses.


B.                 District Academic Senate:

1.   Michael Climo reported that we needed to be cognizant of the statewide movement to raise the graduation levels for English and math. Hearings have been scheduled both in the north and the south to discuss these issues. Leslie Foster added that the South meeting would take place on Friday, February 20, 2004 at Glendale College.

Climo went on to state that raising graduation levels for English and math would be discussed in conjunction with a paper at the Spring ASCCC conference  April 15, 16, and 17, 2004 in San Francisco and was scheduled for a final vote at the ASCCC Fall 2004 conference  in Southern California.

2.    Dale Newman reported on the joint District Academic Senate/Administrative  taskforce , which was convened to address the Board Rule and Personnel Guide for the granting of Equivalencies for Faculty Qualifications. The proposed Personnel Guide consists of :

a. Equivalency criteria for disciplines requiring the master's degree

b. Equivalency criteria for disciplines not requiring the master's degree

                                    c.  Equivalency Criteria for eminence in the field

                                    d. Procedure for determining equivalency

e. Procedure for determining provisional equivalency-- temporary adjunct or hourly rate position only (This is a new concept and there was concern over making it a faculty decision) Language was changed so that the administrator on the committee would be non-voting.

The proposed new Board Rule 10305 states:

"No  one may be hired as a probationary, long-term substitute, limited status, or hourly rate faculty member unless he or she possesses

A.  the minimum qualifications for that assignment specified by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges (the State Qualifications), or

B.  qualifications that are at least equivalent to the relevant State Qualifications

3.  Newman reported on the joint College Specific Graduation Requirements. At the February 5 DAS executive committee meeting a proposal for college specific graduation requirements was approved to send to the March 11 general meeting. The major changes are in section 6201.14 f. A section is added to the existing graduation plans A and B which states: "Alternate and/or additional graduation plans may be recommended by the college academic senate and approved by the Board of Trustees provided that such additions or alternates comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements."

4.  Newman reported that a joint AFT/DAS committee (including Mission Senate president) is being formed to work with contract Appendix E disciplines issues.

5.  Newman reported on E-66--Guidelines for California State University General Education Certification. The recommendation would bring the CSU guidelines in line with the UC guidelines. Basically it states that the last institution attended prior to transfer will grant the certification regardless of the number of units completed there.

6.  Finally, Newman reported on a possible DAS policy on leasing space on campuses to for-profit educational enterprises .The AFT executive board has taken a stand against such a proposal at West. The West senate has take the opposite stand.  This issue requires further discussion and perhaps a task force to make recommendations.


C.                 EPAC- Sonia Soto-Bair reported that the committee last met on January 27 at Trade Tech. At that time they reviewed equivalence requests in Chemistry, English, and Administration of Justice. In addition they discussed a policy regarding overseas programs and a policy relating to faculty selling textbooks and other instructional supplies directly to students. Finally, Soto-Bair asked if there were anyone interested in acting as an alternate representative to EPAC. Said Pazirandeh volunteered.


D.                 Others (Academic Rank, Constitution, Election, Hiring, Library, Scholarship): No Reports


VIII.        Old Business

Title V Project Director Job Description (Moved to directly after Public Address)


IX.              New Business

A.                 Use of Travel Funds for State Academic Senate Leadership Training (Discussed in President's Report)


B.                 Clive Gordon brought up the deadline of March 10 that was created for the use of block grant funds. Maria Fenyes suggested that there was no need to set a deadline earlier than April 29. The senate president along with the union chapter president will go to administration to clear this up.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p. m.

Submitted by Dale Newman, Secretary