Minutes for Academic Senate Meeting



Voting Members Present: (Senators) Donna Ayers, Terri English, Maria Fenyes, Eloise Cantrell, Stan Levine, Vickie Oddino, Gary Prostak, Janice Silver, Rick Scuderi, John Orozco,  Pat Flood, Clive Gordon

(Exec. Members) Angela Echeverri, Louise Barbato, Gwen Walker, Michael Climo, Dale Newman, Sonia Soto-Bair

Faculty Present: Lorraine Manoogian, Said Pazirandeh, David Jordan, Tricia Johnson, 

Abdo Malki, Cindy Cooper, Phoebe Rivera, Roxanne Dalrymple, Lilamani De Silva,

Suzanne Ritcheson, Sandi Lampert, Cecilia Chu-Ru Chan, Ralph LaRosa Debby Wong,

Vilma Bernal, Terri English, Bonnie Sherman, Deborah Paulson, Myriam Mekelberg,

Ruthie Grant, Monica Moreno, Louis Zandalasini

Visitors Present:  None

Voting Members Absent: Charles Dirks, Leslie Foster, Paul Kubicki, Margie Long, and Leslie Milke


I.                   Parliamentarian Gwen Walker called the meeting to order at 1:41 p.m. No guests were introduced.      

II.                Approval of Minutes:  (MSC  OROZCO/SCUDERI) TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF MARCH 3, 2005


III.             Officer’s Reports

A.     President (Angela Echeverri)

1.      Recognition of newly tenured faculty members: Angela introduced, said a few words about, and presented certificates to all of the newly tenured faculty.

a.        The following faculty received their tenure on July 1, 2004:

        Michael Climo, Cindy Cooper, Ife Keller, Gloria Estrada, &

        Gary Prostack

b.      The following faculty will receive their tenure on July 1, 2005: 

       Donna Ayers, Vilma Bernal, Roxann Dalrymple, Carolyn Daly,

                              Lilamani DaSilva, Ruthie Grant, Barbara Kerwin, Abdo Malke,

                   Deborah Paulson, & Said Pazarandi

             Angela will check on June Wada’s date of tenure.                                                      

 2.  Status of LAMC budget and enrollment targets: She reported that we would lose some funds from non-credit, but to compensate there would be some money for unfunded credit FTES. Whatever FTES we capture in the Summer will be funded and added to our base.  Clive asked about our resolution for outreach and recruitment. The President's reply was that this was under counseling. Clive said that some faculty are doing recruitment, but they are not involving counseling. Angela reminded us that Dean Soto was out sick and thus, she had been unable to talk to her about this. There was a suggestion to use some grant money for recruitment. Although the college received a TRIO grant, only a small portion of that money can be used for recruitment and the recruitment can only be specific to the grant. Bonnie Sherman was worried about the schedule of classes as the summer schedule was not out yet. Angela heard that it would be out the first week of May. Bonnie suggested that faculty post offerings on the walls before the schedule comes out. Eloise Cantrell stated that there were errors in galleys when they were returned. Angela will bring this back to Academic Affairs and to the President.

3.Update on Classified Transfers: Angela distributed the written response from Dr. Barrera to our motion at last senate meeting. Resolved: that the College President seek, from the District, absolution of the current projected deficit of approximately $2,000,000,

And, that no, voluntary (unless REPLACED) OR involuntary classified transfers/LAYOFFS TAKE place until there is an examination of the budget by the District, Academic Senate, and AFT.

 The gist of the reply was that because she followed an intense process, she intends to go forward with the transfers and that “request for absolution of deficits can only be made at the conclusion of the fiscal year during which the deficit occurred. Further, the request must be made based on the recommendation of the college’s shared governance committee.” Interestingly, the projected deficit seems to be more like $800,00 now. There was much concern about the impending impact of the loss of valuable classified staff on the instructional program in areas such as tech support.

B.     Treasurer  (Margie Long): There was no report as the treasurer was not present.


IV.              Public Address:

A.     Gwen Walker and Vilma Bernal reported on the upcoming “Springfest,” which is scheduled for Saturday, April 16. The purpose is to raise money for student scholarships. There will be representatives from wineries, breweries, and Culinary Arts will provide a great gourmet menu. The price is $25 for staff and students and $50 for anybody else. Gwen is selling tickets.

B.     John Orozco expressed concern over the reception for the army recruiters that were on campus a few weeks ago. He was shocked to learn that some teachers asked them not to speak to their students. “Whether you agree or not about the war,” he said, “they have the right to speak to students.”

C.     Bonnie Sherman brought up concern about multiple sclerosis as this disease has affected several members of her family. There will be a Walk to raise money for this cause at 7:30 a.m. next Sunday at the Coliseum. The goal is to raise 1.7 million dollars. Anyone who would like to contribute can give her a check made out to Multiple Sclerosis.

D.     Sandi Lampert announced that there would be three national videoconferences given by the Virginia Geriatric Education Center at the Virginia Commonwealth University and the Veterans Administration. The 3 part program will be as follows: 4/12, Overview & prevention, 4/17 Assessment & Diagnosis, 4/26 Treatment. The videos will be from 10:00 to 11:00 with question & answers from 11:00 to 12:00.   There will be free CEU credit provided by the VA & flex credit from Staff Development for faculty. People can come to one or all of the presentations. Students are welcome as well.

E.      Ruthie Grant wanted to clear up some rumors that have been going around. She heard that the reason Vice President, Farmer was leaving was that the senate had voted for it. Angela replied that that there had not been any such  senate action, but rather that President Barrera unilaterally made the decision to reassign him as of July 1 to a teaching position. The senate made no recommendations whatsoever about him. Although Angela asked, Barrera did not tell her the reason(s) for the reassignment.

V.      Reports of Senate Committee Meetings

A.     Curriculum: (Leslie Foster) As Leslie could not attend the meeting, Sonia Soto-Bair handed out a written report: The committee voted to remove the bottom line of many course descriptions that read: “Acceptable for credit: UCLA, CSUN.” There were also reminders of these deadlines.

1.      April 8th is the last day to submit courses for the Spring 2006 schedule and for validating current prerequisites.

2.      On April 19th there will be another curriculum workshop at 1:30 in LRC 234 devoted to completing the forms for Non-Credit courses.

3.      In April the CSU-GE advising form will be reviewed and updated by a CSU representative and the Articulation Officer. Any courses not meeting requirements or needing updating will have until November 4th  to do the revisions and submit them to the Curriculum Committee.

4.      May 26th is the deadline to submit “Advanced Course Status” forms to Academic Affairs.          

 Maria Fenyes expressed concern over asking adjunct faculty to update courses with no compensation.  Sandi Lampert suggested using professional development money, but was not sure if there were any funds. Mike Climo suggested that adjunct faculty be paid for ten hours as a professional expert to update course outline when there are no full-time faculty in the discipline. Maria said that there were two issues  (1) new courses and (2) redoing existing courses. She informed us that since the 60% law has been overruled for adjuncts, they could be paid additionally for extra work.  Eloise was concerned that one full-time faculty member might get the brunt of the work for the whole discipline. She thinks full-time faculty should also be compensated. Perhaps we could suggest putting something into the contract that would compensate both adjunct and full-time faculty. This will be noticed for action in May.

B.     District Academic Senate (Newman): Dale reported that Joe Perret from Southwest approached the DAS on setting up a District info tech committee. This will be discussed further at the next executive meeting. Student Trustee, Elizabeth Saldivar,  asked for support in setting up an annual college day/open house on each of the campuses. The body voted to look into this. Mike Climo, Mission District Senator, volunteered to help and to set up a sub committee here on campus. Myriam Mekelburg, Cindy Cooper and Lil DeSilva volunteered. Several senate presidents expressed concern over the lack of shared governance on other campuses in the selection of acting administrators as well as the creation of positions.

C.     EPAC  (Sonia Soto-Bair) EPAC met on March 29th at Trade. The following topics were addressed:

1.      15-Unit Limit on course repetition: We need to consider financial aid consequences and to separate scholarship performance from financial aid criteria

2.      Equivalency:

a.       English, Biology, ESL, Media Arts, Philosophy, & Sociology committees will meet in April to consider requests.

b.      Accounting: Inaction by Discipline Committee since May, 2004—denied applicants

c.       History: Discipline did not meet—denied petition

d.      Journalism resubmission: No letters of verification provided

e.       Music: Meets district equivalence guidelines—approved

3.      DAS Hiring Workshop: May 20

a.       Discussion of MQ’s and Equivalences

b.      Discussion of Alternate Titles

c.       Discussion of Provisional Equivalences

d.      Flow Chart for Equivalence Process

4.      Direct Sale of Textbooks and other instructional material by instructors: Tabled


VI.   Old Business

A.     Full-time Faculty Hiring (Echeverri): President Barrera has agreed to hire one replacement faculty and one new faculty. Jan Silver was concerned that the lack of an application at this time might affect requests in the future.  This will not be the case.

B.     Instructional Equipment Sub-committee: (Barbato): Louise reported that the committee met yesterday to come up with a plan to divide up the $120,000 of Instruction Equipment funds budgeted for the faculty this year. Over 389 thousand dollars in requests came in. The committee endeavored to make sure that all requests followed the guidelines and also tried to divide the money in an equitable manner to all the departments. Each department or unit will get a letter stating the amount of money allocated along with instructions on how to place the orders. If any departments want to reorganize the allotment, they need to send a request to the committee. As Block Grant money carries over from year to year, there is no imminent deadline to spend the funds.

C.     Requests to Move Disciplines (Echeverri): Two requests were submitted; Angela stated that we plan to address them in the near future.

D.     Proposed Math/English Graduation Requirement Changes (Echeverri)—The State Academic Senate will be voting on raising the graduation requirements for English and Math up one level  this Saturday. Angela feels that they will probably pass. She asked for direction on how she should vote. from faculty. John Orozco thinks 101 and 102 should also be required. Eloise spoke on the effect this would have on our students in vocational disciplines. As it is now, some have to take math three times; they do not need any further math for  their jobs. English 28 also is sufficient. She feels that it  is punitive to some students, especially those for whom English is not their first language. On the other hand, if they want to transfer, then they need the higher levels. Rick Scuderi agrees with Eloise. We try to ensure that  students can get AA degree within a reasonable time. In addition, financial aid and EOPS do not help students beyond 72 units. Students will thus,  run out of units and  not get their AA.  In a show of hands there were 5 votes to raise Math and 14 to leave it alone. There were 7 votes to raise English and 12 to leave it where it is. Angela will vote against both measures.

E.      Educational Master Plan Revisions (Echeverri): This was postponed for the next meeting.

F.      Senate Elections (Newman):  Dale reported that nominations were open for senate officers, district senators, department senators, and senators-at-large. A list of the nominations will be distributed in mailboxes on Thursday, April 14th. The elections are scheduled for Wednesday April 20th and Thursday, April 21st. The ballot box will be at the information desk near the learning center in the LRC. Ballots will be available there.



VII.  New Business

Student Learning Outcomes (Paulsen): Deborah Paulsen reported on a pilot program for developing learning outcomes as part of Institutional Effectiveness. She presented a model for Art and Multimedia as an example. In addition, her handout included a general description of how to develop discipline specific learning outcomes, some valuable websites, a copy of the Mission General Education Student Learning Outcomes as prepared by the Institutional Effectiveness committee, and a written communication skills rubric from a workshop and one that she prepared.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:07 p.m.

Submitted by Dale Newman, Secretary