To:        All Full-time faculty

From:   Louise Barbato,

            Chair, Academic Senate Instructional Block Grant Subcommittee

CC:       Martha Soto, Karen Hoefel

Date:    3/2/2005

Re:       Timeline and Procedure for Submitting Requests

Today, the first meeting of the Instructional Block Grant Subcommittee was held. I was elected chair and have the charge of getting this process going.

Here are the steps to be taken if you wish to submit requests for purchases to the Instructional Block Grant Subcommittee.


Step One:

Attached you will find three forms which are also available on the Mission Academic Web site: .

Familiarize yourself with the guidelines by reading  Attachment #1 which defines the types of items which may be purchased and answers some frequently asked questions.

Step Two:

Fill out the “Request for Instructional Equipment (Block Grant) Funds Form” (Attachment #2). Fill out a separate form for each item that you are requesting.  Hand in all requests to your department chair or program director by March 15. Department Chairs are being asked to consult with hourly instructors in those disciplines that do not have full-time faculty.

Step Three:

Department chairs are asked to use the Departmental Summary Form (Attachment #3) to summarize the department’s prioritized requests. Please send departmental summaries together with all requests that you have received to me via campus mail by March 30.

Step Four:  

On April 6, Committee members will meet at 1:30 in the Library Conference Room to approve requests. Approvals will be communicated back to Department Chairs within a week. 

Step Five:

 Faculty members will need to fill out purchase orders for approved purchases. This should be done as soon as possible after the requests have been approved. More details on this step will be given after April 6.

I have been given the following list of committee members:

Carolyn Daly, Angela Echeverri, Pat Flood, John Morales, Dale Newman, Deborah Paulsen, 

Mari Rettke, Rick Scuderi, Bob Smazenka,  Sandy Thomsen and Gwen Walker.


If I have left anyone out, please let me know. My number is 364 – 7687.