Agenda for Academic Senate Meeting of 3/3/2005

Campus Center Room 5, 1:30 PM

I.                   Call to Order

II.                Approval of Minutes

III.             Officers’ Reports                                                                                                         

A.     President (Angela Echeverri)

1.      Non-Credit Report by State Controller’s Office

2.      Full-time Faculty Hiring

3.      Other

B.     Treasurer  (Margie Long)

IV.              Public Address

           A.  Augie Garibay                                                                                                            

          B.  Jerry Garcia

          C.  Kirk Robe

          D.  Fern Reisner



       The following resolution is presented as a result of a motion that was passed at the Council of

        Instruction on Wednesday, February 23, 2005, to be directed to the College President and

       the Chancellor or his designee: The maker of the motion is Louise Barbato.

                     Resolved: that the College President seek, from the District, absolution of the current

                      projected deficit of approximately $2,000,000,

And, that no, transfers/layoffs (either voluntary or involuntary) take place until there is

 an examination of the budget by the District, Academic Senate, and AFT.


V.                 Reports of Senate Committee Meetings

A.     Curriculum: (Leslie Foster)

B.     District Academic Senate

C.     EPAC 

VI.              Old Business

A.     Instructional Equipment Committee

B.     English/Math Graduation Requirements Vote

C.     Request to move a discipline from one department to another

      (deadline March 15)

D.     Educational Master Plan – Postpone vote until April

E.      Provisional Equivalencies--Newman

    VII.        New Business

                 A. Graduation

                 B. Elections

   VIII. Announcements