Shall mean equipment purchased for instructional and/or library/learning resource

      center activities involving presentations and/or hands-on experience to enhance

      student learning and skill development.


2.      “EQUIPMENT

Shall mean tangible district property of a more or less permanent nature that cannot be easily lost, stolen or destroyed; but which replaces, modernizes or expands an existing instructional program.

Furniture and Computer Software, which is an integral and necessary component for the use of other specific instructional equipment, may be included.



Shall mean books, periodicals, related ordering, processing, cataloging or binding

Costs or services, reference databases, cataloging and/or security systems, maps,

Documents, microforms, computer software, or prerecorded audio-visual resources for the benefit of student learning.



 Shall mean the acquisition of applicable instructional equipment or library materials through outright purchase, subscription service or lease-purchase agreements and any associated costs.

When the equipment/materials are not exclusively for instructional activities, the

applicable cost must be prorated to instructional activities and adequately documented and/or justified.


5.      “TECHNOLOGY”

Shall mean expenditures or proposed equipment, related infrastructure and installation necessary for the delivery and preparation of instruction or direct assistance to students.






1.      “How can I be sure if an expenditure meets the criteria?”

A general rule of thumb for determining whether an expenditure is eligible is if the equipment, technological enhancement or library material is eligible is if the equipment,

Technological enhancement or library material is for classroom demonstration, student

Evaluation or use, or in the preparation of learning materials in an instructional or related

ancillary program.


2.      “Is it all right to use funds for the purchase of classroom/laboratory furniture?”

Yes. These funds may now be used for the repair, replacement or expansion of classroom

Or laboratory furniture, including desks and chairs.


3.      “What types of expenditures are applicable with the technology portion of the Block

Grant funds?”

Expenditures in this category include computers and the necessary infrastructure and software used for the delivery or preparation of instructional materials or direct assistance

To students, such as for registration, counseling or student services

(no administration)


4.      “Can equipment such as photocopiers, file cabinets, bookcases, office typewriters or computers be included in this program?”

In some cases. Equipment for administrative or non-instructional purposes is not allowed except for student service related activities. Computers and photocopiers used in the preparation of instructional materials or as an instructional aid are allowed in this program.


5.      “Are sound systems an appropriate expenditure?”

Yes. Sound systems can be purchased under this grant for use in large classrooms and theaters less than 400 seats, but not stadiums.


6.   “Can funds be used to install instructional equipment?”

            Yes. Instructional equipment that requires installation or adaptation included with

            the purchase of that equipment is allowable