L.A. Mission College Governance Agreement

29 January, 2002

This agreement supersedes any previous agreements.

The Academic Senate of Los Angeles Mission College is the organization whose primary function is to make recommendations with respect to academic and professional matters as defined in Title 5, Section 53200.

            The elected president of the Academic Senate is the only representative empowered to speak for the faculty on  academic and professional matters at Los Angeles Mission College.

The president of Los Angles Mission College agrees to rely primarily upon the advice and judgment of the Academic Senate of Los Angeles Mission College on the following academic and professional matters and only for compelling reasons will the recommendations not be accepted. Such reasons will be submitted to the Senate in writing.

All decisions on the following will be recommended to administration:

1.      Curriculum, including establishing  prerequisites and placing courses with disciplines;

2.      Degree and certificate requirements;

3.      Grading policies;

4.      Educational program development; and

5.      Processes of program review of academic areas;

Recommendations on the five items above will come to the Academic Senate via the Curriculum Committee.

6.      Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success;

7.      College governance structures as related to faculty roles;

8.      Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes;

a.       The administration shall facilitate the Accreditation Committee.

b.      The Academic Senate shall approve the final report.

9.      Policies for faculty professional development activities;

a.       These policies shall originate from the Academic Senate.

b.      These policies shall be implemented by the Academic Senate.

10.  Processes for institutional planning and budget development.

a.       The chairs of all committees dealing with academic matters and other pertinent issues related to faculty shall be faculty members.

b.      The Senate will initiate the filling of all new and vacant faculty positions. Hiring for full and part time faculty positions shall be directed by the Academic Senate. There will be consultation between the college president and the Academic Senate with regard to the filling of administrative positions.

c.       When proposing policy changes, the president of the college will consult with the Senate. Examples might be: developing or institutionalizing specially funded programs, and the development and implementation of new state required programs.

11.  Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon.

The college president will provide the following release time to the Academic Senate: 1.4 FTE to be disbursed by the Senate president. Every three years there shall be an additional 1.0 FTE to be used for the accreditation officer. Classes will not be eliminated due to release time given for Academic Senate business.

This document shall be binding until such time as the Senate and the College President through mutual consultation agree to amend it. Whenever there is a conflict with federal law, state law, collective bargaining contracts, or board rules such will override any agreement contained herein.

This document was signed on the 29th day of January, 2002 by the LAMC President, Dr. Adriana D. Barrera, and the Academic Senate President, Leslie Milke.